About Good Friends Conversations

If you miss a morning, You’ll miss a lot. Please join the Good Friends Conversations with Al, Kevin & you our Good Friends!
Al, Kevin & Good Friends, a Morning Show blog, on kswp.org 6:00am – 10:00am  (CDT, U.S. Time) to listen, go here.

The Good Friends Morning Show began in August of 2003. Al Ross and Kevin co-host the conversations and fun look at life daily on KSWP!

alrossbabyAl Ross, a family man, married to Michelle Ross and has 8 kids. Al began Radio in East Texas. After Al found the Lord, he partnered with Pam Muze and Jan Herlocker to create a Christian music show in called “Life Song” in Oklahoma City. Life Song played artists like: Keith Green, Degarmo and Key, Farrell & Farrell, Sandi Patti, etc. By the mid 80’s, Al & familly moved to Houston and Christian station KSBJ (7 years)… then, KCBI – Dallas, Marlin Maddoux, POV, USA Radio Network.

Al’s unique combination of professional expertise coupled with his off-beat sense of humor has endeared him to listeners for 20 plus years in East Texas!

KevinLangfordDr. Kevin Langford, (you can call me Kevin) is a professor at Stephen F. Austin State University full time. According to Al, “Kevin brings a class and depth to the Good Friends show with information and humor most people can’t achieve!” 😉

Kevin is an author and very involved in his families life and church family! He also Studied at Stephen F. Austin State University… Graduate of Doctoral Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee. From Newton, Texas — Lives in Nacogdoches, Texas. Married and has 5 kids.

Get in Touch with Your Good Friends at GoodFriends.blogKSWP Facebook or at 800-944-8443.

19 thoughts on “About Good Friends Conversations

  1. Hey Al and Michelle. Love you guys. Thanks for sharing the morning with me. I love hearing all the stories etc. Keep up the great work.

  2. I will add you and return to your page. I am a poet here in Texas you can read about me in my blog or wordpress.com I have recently been feeling Gods hand back in my life guiding me and it is good. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.
    Phil Inman

  3. Just curious what happened to your former GM and his wife who were there when I was volunteering a bit—-must have been about 2002. I pastored Shady Chapel UMC in Zavalla. We retired and returned to Tyler in 2005.
    I believe he was in poor health and had had brain surgery.

    • Dwyan Calvert, GM, and Vera Calvert, Office Manager, are still here. They in fact have been here from the beginning.

      Dwyan has been the only GM until I was promoted in July 2009. The board also promoted Dwyan to CEO of L.E.B.F. our parent organization.

  4. Al Ross, my goodness to find you and our old friend, Jeff Scott both on Twitter in the same day…I am blessed! I’ve thought about you & prayed for you over the years. Now you’re scratching your head, who the heck is this? Your old Promotions Director, Debi Alcala (now Hart) from the KSBJ days! I’m following you on Twitter! Look for me & follow, http://www.twitter.com/simmonsfletcher. I work from home doing marketing for Houston’s Christian PI Attorneys, Simmons & Fletcher.

  5. Hi ! Michelle: I like yall’s music you play on kavx.org ,on (Sat-Sunday) michelle i live in simi valley ca.is there any way i can get your music list you play! so i can go look for them,and buy them. thank you so much.michelle. keep up the good work you guy’s the LORD love you guy’s so much….& me too……….did you have a nice HAPPY NEW YEAR?..by now

  6. I just love to listen to you guys on my way to work/school every morning – my work is in a school….:) ! This morning, though, Al presented something that had me thinking … and now I think he needs to re-think. I love that the LORD has been working through your ministry to bring 302 lives to Him. But, if I gave $100. for 302 listeners’ salvation… that would be only 33.12 cents each, not $3.02 each. If I gave enough to help with 302 listeners @ $3.02 each – wouldn’t that be $912.04?? Just curious – it’s not the important part, but it has me kind of stuck on the “ciphering” part of that all day!

    Have a great one and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for listening!

      Addition not my strongest asset but in this case you might pull out a calculator. … 3.02 is accurate.

      Whhhhewwww … Again thanks for listening and writing

  7. Hello,
    Just wanted to share this site, It has been featured on ABC Nightly News. People submit needs, wihes- various catagories. Others respond and help meet needs- from cards, to food, prayers, gift cards.
    My name is Pitterpat, I am 50, have Cerebral Palsy, work from home, receive SSI requested some craft project kits to do after working. i have lived in Lufkin for a yr because of a domestic violence, husbands anger. I do not have cable or sattelite, so my only channel is channel 9- ABC.
    Four people have responded to my wish and I have responded to help others as well, mainly the working from home part. The site is maintained and overseen.
    I have another wish concerning Buddy, a 2 yr Brindle Boxer, he tested heartworm positive June 30th of this yr. During our past yr of diplacement from our “home” Buddy developed Heartworms. He is a good candidate for treatment. Just am seeking God’s provision for him.
    Thank you and I appreciate your station and ministry. In Pasadena area there is KSBJ- SO WHEN MY SON AND i moved here I searched the dial for you, he was searching for a Classical Station. He will be attending SFA and received a $14,000.00 scholarship there along with a $1,000.00 scholarship from Lufkin High School. He plans to major in Music Performanc and Accounting, so college should take him 5 yrs because of two majors.
    Thank you all. May God Bless each of you and KSWP.
    I give thanks for you and the minstry daily.
    Patricia Williams

  8. Al & Michelle,

    I love listening to you guys. It’s great to able to listen to a talk show w/my kids in the car and not worry about what ya’ll are going to say! My prayers are with you and may the lord continue to bless for all that you do!

  9. Hey Al,
    What did you think of ‘The Shack’? It absolutely changed the way I thought of The Trinity…which is a little hard to understand anyway! and forgiveness!…..Thought it was the best book I’ve read in a long time
    Ya’ll have a great day!

    • Just finished reading The Shack, That was an awesome book, I agree a little hard to understand, but what a WOW effect on my life.

      • I agree. A great read to follow The Shack is a title in the back of the Shack by Wayne Jacobson – I think it’s calll He Loves You So

  10. Hello
    Uncle Al and Michelle

    Just wanted to drop and a note to say HI….We need to have lunch or breakfast together….Love YA’ll Have a Bless day

    Your Favorite Niece (just joking)
    Julie Ross

  11. Hey Al!

    Thinking of you and Michelle and the rest of the gang at the stations! I pray everyone is very blessed.

    I love this PERSONAL stuff on the “Personalities! You did a GREAT JOB! I love the pic of you and Michelle too — HANDSOME COUPLE! 🙂

    I want to send some gift certificates to you guys. Can the stations handle some half off gift certificates?

    Hi to Michelle!



    • Thanks… for thinking of us… We have been thinking of you and Robert as well… How have you both been?
      This has been the busiest season ever… Very Blessed! God is Good!
      Al & Michelle

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