Life Worth Living

A very young boy… crippled since birth… was hurrying to catch a bus. Carrying gifts under his arm, he was struggling with his crutches. Suddenly, a man bumped into him, knocking his packages in all directions.

The man then paused and scolded the young lad for getting in his way. Another gentleman, seeing the youngster’s distress, quickly picked up the scattered gifts and slipped a 10 dollar bill into his pocket, saying, “I’m sorry! I hope this makes up for your trouble.”

The boy couldn’t remember being shown such kindness, called after him, “Mister, thank you! Sir, are you Jesus?” – – “No,” replied the man, “but I am one of His followers.”

Unless Your Willing

You can’t really accomplish anything unless you’re willing to come in, roll your sleeves up and get to work. ~ Cal Ripken Jr

Life lessons from Carl Ripken Jr. By Julia Limitone of Fox Business

“You’ve got to find a way to play hurt. And hurt meaning something less than 100%,” Carl said. “If you can get the confidence to figure out how you can make contributions at less than your best then you’re a more valuable employee.”
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Timing Couldn’t Be Better

By Kay Heitsch from Sunny Skyz

“I don’t understand, Lord! How could this be a part of Your plan for our lives?” Over and over again, these words whirled around in my mind as I drove home from work that afternoon. I couldn’t believe that we were going to be moving again. “Don’t you care about us, Lord?” Tears burned my eyes as they rolled down my cheeks.
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Emily Update, The Power of Prayer

From Emily’s Family: “We have been home just over a month now and to see Emily you would say she looks as if nothing ever happened. Her progress has come faster than we could have ever hoped for. Her physical therapists are pleased and and they are diligent in pushing the boundaries of her determination.

Emily is busy these days working part time as an intern for the Chamber of Commerce. Her schoolwork fills her schedule and she is looking forward to returning to SFA in the Spring to resume her dual credit classes. Emily practices daily for her senior piano recital and, last week, her doctors released her to drive.

She is happy to be connecting with her friends like she used to do. Last Saturday, she climbed back on our tractor for the first time. These are all things that seemed out of reach for her when we turned the calendar over to September. It is hard to comprehend that, just a short time ago, she was struggling with stairs and navigating with a wheelchair and a walker.

A few weeks ago, I sat at a 4H banquet and watched as she served as mistress of ceremonies. It wasn’t until her county extension agent recognized her at the end of the evening and recalled her condition just weeks before that I couldn’t hold back the tears. The wave of emotion washed over me and I took a good look at where she stood on that night. She was dressed in a suit and heels. She had done her own hair and make-up and she looked perfect.

She was happy. And yet my tears flowed uncontrollably. I was immediately taken back to that place of uncertainty. At times, a certain smell or sound or memory will thrust me back to that small room in that big place we called home for the summer. The busyness of our days distracts us from these thoughts for the most part but then, out of nowhere, we are confronted with wounds that haven’t quite healed.

Despite all of this, we remain so very grateful for the blessings God has bestowed on our family. He has restored our health. He has restored our spirits. He has restored our souls.

Specific prayer requests. Please continue your prayers for Emily. She has come this far in her journey because of your faithful prayers. She still has hurdles to overcome but even the smallest hurdles seem hard at times. Please pray for her stamina as she is both mentally and physically exhausted at the end of every day. Please pray for quietness in her life as she seeks His will in preparing to share her testimony.

This will be my last update for a while as I have decided to publish our story and feel the need to concentrate on that work. We are grateful beyond words for the prayers and the love shown to our family. We know that the outcome of our journey could have been vastly different. We look at Emily and see God’s work first hand. We do not take for granted the great many lives that were touched by our journey. We are in awe to have witnessed nothing short of a miracle. We hope that in some small way you have been blessed by her test.

Excellence: “What It Is?”

“Excellence / Perfection is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.”
Brian Tracy

Excellence in Sale Signs!
“I recently posted a photo of a for sale sign in a yard. Clearly you could see a cemetery across the street. The real estate company added an add on to the for sale sign (There was an arrow pointing at the cemetery) It read “Quiet neighbors”!

Which of these could you NOT live next to Cemetery, Business Complex, Freeway or other?