It’s A New Day

its-a-new-dayToday is a new day. Let yesterday be what it was, and let tomorrow worry about itself. Embrace Christ’s sovereignty as a refreshing rain shower on the parts of your heart, mind and soul that have been in drought. (

May he be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth! Psalm 72:6

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Around The Good Friends Watercooler

patrick-swayzeTexas’ own  Actor Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. A longtime smoker, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008.  even after his battle with cancer began – he acted in a short lived television series doing many of his own stunts! But his health continued to fail.  He performed as a dancer in Disney on Parade before getting into acting. The Waltrip High School graduate in Houston married his wife Lisa also from Houston  in ’75 and they have been married for 34 years! Patrick Swayze was 57 years old and was Catholic. (Catholic Forums)

How were you affected? Did you Cry?  Girls at the office did… heard women talking about it everywhere. Do you think girls liked him for Dirty Dancing or Ghost and was it because he was cute or romantic? (APNews/Yahoo News)

What’s the First Swazye Movie You ever saw? Uncommon Valor, Ghost, Red Dawn, The Outsiders or Point Blank? (ABC News)

register-to-voteAre you registered to vote!?! You have until October fifth to register to vote in the November Constitutional Amendment election when we will decide on eleven proposed amendments. The election will be held on November third, and more information on registering to vote can be found at

Germs in the ShowerJust what we need another thing that has germs. Do you ever wish we knew less? Showerheads Harbor a Bounty of Germs Germy Shower Water May Only Infect People with Weak Immune Systems. (KLTV)

rude-behaviorIs Rude Behavior Becoming the Norm? Kayne, Joe Wilson, Serenia… Should Public Figures be held accountable? (Fox News)
How Do You Handle Rude Behavior? (eHow)

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You Are Not Alone

man_moonIf you find yourself in bizarre – even self-imposed circumstances – be reminded that as far removed from normal as the uttermost parts of the sea, even there God’s hand will lead you and hold you. Take courage, then, that no matter where you find yourself, God is aware of your circumstances, and His hand holds you. He is with you wherever you go. You Are Not Alone! (

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Watercooler Chats with Good Friends

swimmingkidAl’s Allergic Reaction to the pool is it connected? Chlorine in Pools Raises Kids’ Asthma, Allergy Risk (Health Day/Yahoo News)


classified_adsEmployers Hiring More U.S. Veterans:  A new survey from CareerBuilder is offering some encouraging news with 41 percent of employers reporting they have hired U.S. veterans or members of the National Guard in the last six months. (Reuters)

crowdsFast Pass In Life: What Else Would It be good for? Michelle and I, while at the Disney World theme park discovered the FAST PASS. While it was pink and I thought hmmm… Why couldn’t this be a different color? This arm band meant that while we were in the park if we wanted to go on a ride that had a long line we could show the band and there was a special line that sent you right through to the front of the line.  WOW , we were at the front of the line!
Now it didn’t mean that we could jump in front of other people – it was a totally different line that took you right to the front! Wish I had refused to take mine off my arm!
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Putting on Love

love-youPutting on love doesn’t always look rosy and pretty. Putting on love might mean sacrificing, or it might mean making decisions that aren’t easy. When faced with a choice today, run your decision through the filter of “what shows unconditional love?” – and then act upon it. You’ll be thankful in the long run. Continue reading

We’re Back, Good Friend’s Watercooler

walt-disney-world-mapWe’re back home from Disney world… Combined business and a little fun at CM3B seminar … view from room

Mickey Land err… World: Michelle and I were in Orlando, Florida last week for a national seminar.  we were excited about the work to be done – but also excited that it’s right in the middle of Disney World – the hotel where the seminars are being held is a Disney hotel.  I haven’t been there since 1976.

nightofjoyWe also attended the Night of Joy! It’s a christian band night with all kinds of KSWP artists and lots of radio people from around the country.

Disney_kidsI guess the thing that surprises me the most about this trip – is just how excited we are about being at Disney!  We’re like kids! I don’t know what we thought would happen – but we were excited that something really cool would happen … like we will get off of the plane and Goofy and Minnie Mouse will be there to greet us … take our hands and skip off across the airport toward a bus with big ears  with music playing and flowers flying through the air …. we get to the bus, and when the door opens – Mickey Mouse is the driver!!  The whole bus is filled with Pirates and characters from Disney movies we grew up with as children … the small world kids are dancing in the aisles and Donald duck and his nephews are carrying our luggage to the hotel … and when we get there – we’ll have a bed up in the trees like the Swiss family Robinson! 
Okay… probably not … but it’s fun to dream.  

toy_story_rideMichelle is competative: After the two-and-a-half days of seminars from 7:30a to 7p … We made it to Disney World … and the Toy Story ride … donning 3-D glasses, entering a wild and wooly 4-D world of Woody, Buzz and other favorite “Toy Story” characters, and aiming to have high-scoring fun in Toy Story Mania! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Until you play Michelle … Wow is she competitive! I came close to beating her … Well sorta … Well within 10,000 points … Does that count?

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