The Value of Your Soul

The Value of Your Soul

And if you were the only person in the whole universe, Christ would have died for you. ~ Billy Graham • July 28, 2012

Jesus said that your soul is worth more than the rest of the world put together. He asked, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). It is impossible for us to grasp what is meant by “the whole world.”
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Humble Yourself, Last Thoughts, Get Moving

Power Thoughts

  1. “Humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time He will lift you up in honor.” — 1 Peter 5:6
  2. “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” — James 1:5
  3. “If you hope in the LORD. You  will renew your strength and soar on wings like eagles…” – Isaiah 40:31

The Good Friends Question of the Day:  Who is the last person you usually think about before you fall asleep? And Why? Please Like Comment & Share! – or call 1-800-944-8443!

 Having trouble getting in your exercise everyday: Here are a few ways to incorporate it into your everyday life

  1. Take the stairs not an elevator any chance you get
  2. Park a few blocks from the office or in the farthest parking spot available
  3. Commit to a friend who will keep you accountable
  4. Lift weights, stretch or use an exercise machine while watching TV
  5. Walk your dog for 30 minutes a day
  6. Get up from you desk and move around in the middle of the day – Use coffee break time to take a stroll
  7. Take time at the end of the day to stretch all your major muscle groups for increased flexibility

Love Never Gives Up, ? of Day, Movies and Redemption, Be Ready for More Winter

Power Thoughts

  1. “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. ” — 1 Corinthians 13:7
  2. “Love each other in the same way Christ has loved you. ” — John 15:12
  3. “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. ” — 1 Peter 5:6

Facebook ? of the Day: We just had a cold snap, the Super Bowl and later this week another cold snap. A lot of people are sick, “What is your favorite comfort food that make you feel better, warmer or happy?”

Movies and redemption: It’s Oscar Season so there is always talk of the years best movies… Christianity today did a story on their critics most redeeming films of 2010 —the year’s best movies that include stories of redemption. Several of the films feature characters who are redeem themselves; all have characters who experience redemption to some degree. Some are feel-good flicks; others, a little less so. Several of the films are rated R and PG-13 and are not intended for young viewers, so please use discretion. But in all of these films, redemption is certainly one of the main characters. (CT)

  • Toy Story 3
  • The King’s Speech
  • Get Low
  • True Grit
  • Winter’s Bone
  • Despicable Me
  • Tangled
  • The Fighter
  • Letters to Father Jacob
  • Like Dandelion Dust
    Honorable Mentions:
    Babies, Biutiful, The Book of Eli, How to Train Your Dragon, Please Give, Rabbit Hole, The Secret of Kells, Waiting for Superman

More On It’s Way: It is important to be prepared for winter weather before it strikes. (

  1. Make a Kit
  2. Make a plan
  3. Be Informed

Keep Your Tools Sharp

Most of us want to make a difference, whether it be on a global scale, or simply in our one-on-one relationships.

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:5-8

Re-read this passage – it describes the tools that continually need sharpening in order to be effective. Get them out, sharpen them and live life in such a way that these qualities continually increase in measure. Don’t hold yourself to perfection, but insist on forward motion. ( Davis)

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