Family Types

family cartoonFriday Good Friends talked about family “Cultures” like the Dreamers, the Engaged, the Faithful and the Detached.  Michelle had her own funny definitions – which one do you think best fits your family

The Active Family … Always at the ball park, football stadium/field, basketball courts or doing some kind of outdoor exercise.

The Talkers… If you attend a family event a by-stander could just sit back and laugh because they aren’t getting an opportunity to talk unless they interrupt or just jump in

The Quiet Family… Everybody goes with the flow and for the most part family events are smooth and uneventful.

The Pet Family… You have almost as many pets as family members or more

The Techies… Your house is technology driven at any given evening everybody in the  house is on an electronic device and often text or message a person in the next room

Low-Tech families… You avoid excessive technology and prefer more face time and family activities that require interaction

The Fast Food Family… You eat whatever is convenient and fast… you eat out several times a week

The Natural/Healthy Family… You rarely eat out – eat lots of fruits, veggies and homemade stuff.  You enjoy recycling and going green