It Can Wait

Approximately 1 in 5 crashes in Texas involves distracted driving. Why so many? Texting and Driving. A state law banned texting and driving happened in 2017. Is it working? You decide.

TxDOT Executive Director James Bass. “One life lost is one too many and distracted driving is completely preventable. Our message is no longer just a public safety – it is to remind drivers of the law that now forbids such activity.
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Prayers for America’s Unborn

Kayla Koslosky |

Many of you and others are talking about this. Many praying about this. Let’s lift up Prayers today for the Future of America’s Unborn:

News Stories in the News.

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Around the Watercooler with Good Friends

TV American Idolbannernew3American Idol last night had a few surprises:
Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez dismissed from `Idol’.
Michael Sarver still in!
Did you agree with the judges decisions? (Jasper Newsboy)

7 Time-Saving Tips: When it comes to “savings,” sometimes saving time is just as important as saving money. (

Girls pulling ahead in teen drinking: With spring break a week away, many Texas teens are planning a week of partying with one illegal party favor — alcohol. (Lufkin Daily)

cellphone-restrictedCell phones and Driving Restricted Soon: If you have a cell phone and drive a car then you’re probably guilty of talking on you mobile and driving at the same time, and some say it is a dangerous mix. (KLTV)

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