Hope Changes Everything

Hope Changes Everything

[After you read the testimony offered here, Scroll down for the group Newsong’s “Hope Changes Everything”]

We’ve heard many things you’ve done to reach to our Texas friends. Whether help came from far away or close to home, you have “Served Others by being Real” in the midst of a horrific storm. The Hope you poured out Changes Everything!

The Ministry continues to hear from people driving from far away states, Nevada, Ohio, (the list is long), to as close as the next town over … Many of you sharing stories of how you saw Christ in so many people who were helping.

As assistance continues & remains a need, remember each day before it ends to thank God for moving on so many hearts offering help to others! You’re love “Connects people to a Real and Loving God.” God moved on your heart to “Share the Hope of Jesus and Know it Changes Lives!”

We Are Messengers Tour Bus Destroyed

Written by Herb Longs – reported by theChristianbeat.org
We Are Messengers Reach Out To Fans For Support After Tour Bus Destroyed

Reports from The Christian Beat reports the Christian Band, “We are Messengers” was in bus crash, “Our prayers go out to We Are Messengers and all who were involved in a terrible motor vehicle accident this morning south of Atlanta.
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Countdown Prayer for School Year

7 days till school starts…

Subject: Extracurricular Teachers
Lord Jesus, I pray for every extracurricular leader in our schools to be blessed and honored.  Thank you for those teachers who sacrifice more of their time so they can not only teach, but help with band, sports, clubs and other special school functions.   We give you praise for those who sacrifice for our children, for they are following your example, in your name we pray.  Amen.

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