Beauty Must Be Heart Felt

The Most Beautiful Things in the World cannot be Seen or Touched. They must be Felt with the Heart! Helen Keller

Personal growth is not easy. But you can make many tiny changes each day that will make a difference in a big way. Many have discovered, little steps followed by little steps actually builds on itself.

Are you stuck and not sure what to do? Just keep moving forward one step at a time. And soon you’ll discover you have accomplished what you set out to do! – Darren Hardy

Stressed or Desserts, Fierce Woman or Soft Warrior, Extreme Stress Relief

Power Thoughts:


Are You Trying to Carry The Load? Let’s Give Our Load To God
Whether it is work, school or family, sometimes Burnout gets the better of us.

Five (5) tips to help bring balance back in your life.

  • Re-adjust your priorities. Cast aside things that don’t need your immediate attention.
  • Delegate more. Call in the cavalry to help get things done. Consider saying “NO” more and “Yes” less.
  • Invite sensory and calming experiences like music, touch and rest into your day.
  • Bring color and beauty into your world. Buy flowers, look at art, experience nature.
  • Exercise. Get your body moving and breathe, breathe, breathe.

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SPEAKER INFO: Our guest speaker is Kimberly Wagner. She is the author of Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior. Spreading God’s glory is Kim’s deepest passion. Her desire for women to connect with Christ is woven through everything she writes. You can read her daily blog where she encourages women to be students of the Word. Kim is a frequent guest on theRevive Our Hearts radio program, a regular contributor to the True Woman blog, a recent guest on Focus on the Family, and on FamilyLife. She is married to her favorite pastor, LeRoy Wagner, and they enjoy hanging out with their adult children and growing tribe of grandchildren!

Resolutions You Can Keep

5 inspiring new year’s resolutions you can keep 
Every year, magazines and websites inundate us with “New Year, New You” headlines, which can be inspiring except most of us find ourselves breaking our new year’s resolutions within the first week. Why exactly? Well, because they’re unrealistic. (Lose 30 pounds by February?) Or we secretly really just don’t want to do them. (Give up coffee? Hmm, maybe not.)  But here’s an idea that might actually motivate you: If your new year’s resolutions revolve around looking your best, the instant gratification of feeling your very best will be what inspires you to actually keep them this year. So if the new year’s resolutions you’ve made already sound unrealistic, here are some new ones that you’ll actually be inspired to keep:

  1. New Year’s Resolution: Quit bad beauty habits. Nail biting, not washing your face at night, overusing the flatiron. There are some bad habits that can really mess with your beauty mojo. Choose the ones that apply to you and just say no.
  2. New Year’s Resolution: Get organized. Cleaning out your closet and reorganizing your makeup drawer might only take you a few hours this weekend, but it will make putting together your look every morning so much easier. I guarantee you’ll discover some cool clothes you almost forgot you had. Be sure to toss, donate or give away the things you don’t use anymore. They just get in the way when you’re trying to get to the good stuff.
  3. New Year’s Resolution: Try a new look.  What’s the style you’ve been dying to sport but have been too afraid (or just too busy) to try? Just try it! All it takes is one trip to the store (and a few bucks).
  4. New Year’s Resolution: Find affordable style.  It’s easier than you think. You don’t need to change what you’re buying, just where you’re shopping. Check out consignment and secondhand stores for inexpensive vintage finds.
  5. New Year’s Resolution: Get a healthier glow. OK, so maybe you’re not going to lose 30 pounds by February, but getting fit will help you look better in as early as a few weeks — I’m not just talking about looking slimmer but also getting a healthy all-around glow. Other health resolutions that can brighten your look: Drinking more water, eating more fruits and veggies and taking better care of your skin.