Life is never a straight line

Life is never a straight line, it is full of twists and turns. The best way to lead a happy life is not to avoid them but to embrace them, to find every little happiness in them. W.T.VanderVen

He’ll Draw Near, April Showers Pollen, True Friends

Today’s Quote: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”Draw-Near-to-God-James4_8

Pollen Count USA 04112016

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April Showers Wash Away the Pollen:
Rain, Rain Come This Way, We Need Our Pollen Washed Away. Spring not only brings April showers and May flowers. It also brings sniffling, runny noses and itchy eyes to thousands of allergy sufferers.
Today: Pollen levels ranges this morning include many Medium-High Ranges for Today, The cause for the rising pollen levels is strong winds and decreasing humidity. If you do suffer from allergies, tomorrow could be more difficult.

Definition of Friend has Changed: Nowadays there are different kinds of friends thanks to all the social media options.


  • Friends for life,
  • Friends who will give you a ride to the airport,
  • Friends who help you move,
  • Friends who meet you for lunch,
  • Friends who come and go,
  • Workplace friends,
  • Neighborhood friends,
  • Church buddies.

And then there are the Social media friends. Facebook friends have their own category of description. You get to know new people from their responses and they really get to know the person you want them to know. You can tell a lot by just a few words. Some of you have the ability to upload cool emotional content and that’s awesome.
So here’s the question:
Do you have a love hate relationship with Social Media?
You can give your comment below.

One Returns, Word of the Decade, Choosy about Snacks, Box Office,

One Returns: I’m back, sick since last Wednesday. Al’s is still ill, Pray. Severe cold and chest congestion. A lot of this stuff is going around, tips include washing your hands, cough in your sleeve, don’t go to work if you have fever, and drink lots of water.

Be choosy about nighttime snacks: Mindless eating occurs most frequently after dinner when you finally sit down to relax.  Sitting down with a bag of chips or cookies in front of the tv is an example of mindless eating. Either close the kitchen after a certain hour, or allow yourself a low-calorie snack like a 100-calorie pack of cookies, a half cup of low-fat ice cream or a piece of fruit. If you’re really not hungry choose herbal tea or sugar free cocoa. (Good Food Friend, Amy McLeod, RD, LD)

The Word Of The Decade? In the last ten years, we’ve heard lots of new words like tweet, blog, … so which one won.? The answer is Google. (CNet)

5 Tips To Save Money: Exercise helps keep you healthy and helps you save money. (Yahoo!

Box Office Report: What’s Family Friendly? (Plugged In) Yahoo Box office Report (Yahoo News)