Grow Spiritually This Summer

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Here’s some ideas to help your kids grow spiritually this summer!

  • Visit a mission site or take the kids to serve at a local rescue mission. (Use this as a teachable moment to talk about generosity and how Christians can be the answer to the tangible needs in our city)
  • Plant flowers or build a garden in the backyard.  (Use it as a teachable moment to talk about God’s creation and the way he planned our world)
  • Set a summer reading plan. Make a chart and challenge your kids to read a certain number of books each week. Even better – read a book together. Make it like a Bible study without calling it a Bible study.
  • Write a family memory verse in the kitchen. Google “Bible verse games” or “kids memory verses.” Reward each person who has memorized it by Friday night dinner.
  • Donate old books or toys to less fortunate kids. Let your children choose where they want to donate the items. Get the kids involved in organizing and packing the books for delivery.
  • Print out the words to some of your family’s favorite Christian songs. Most of the artists we play on our radio station have lyric videos on Youtube you can watch as a family and talk about the words in the songs.
  • Ask each child to make a summer prayer list. Challenge your kids to pray BOLD prayers this summer. List friends & family you want to pray for too!  At the end of the summer you’ll get to look back on every prayer that God answered. You’ll probably be surprised what you notice!
  • Ask your kids to write a list of questions about God. Look up the answers together. (Use this as a teachable moment about generosity & faith)

Peter Engel -Saved by the Bell

Peter Engel the creator/executive producer of Saved by the Bell talks about the following:

1) Your wife talked you in to taking on the Saturday morning block on NBC which led to Saved by the bell

2) Super zealous new believer Kirk Cameron some say killed Growing Pains. How would you have handled that on “Bell”?

3) Did you know Saved by the bell would be a cult classic when you were doing it?

4) Talk about the new book “I Was Saved by the Bell: Stories of Life, Love, and Dreams That Do Come”

Children Given to much Power

Family Physician, psychologist and author says to parents, “you don’t know what your doing! You give your kids to much power!” Leondard Sax wants parents to know that they are “raising kids wrong.”

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01/19/11, Forests & Acorn, Save At The Pump, Jesus In Every Book,

Power Thoughts

  • “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • The cynic says, “One man can’t do anything”. I say, “Only one man can do anything.” ~ John W. Gardner
  • Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Unknown

? of the Day: What thoughtful thing has your spouse or friend done for you lately that makes you feel loved or appreciated?

Ways To Save At The Pump: At a national average of $3.05 per gallon for regular unleaded, the price of gas has reached its highest level since the fall of 2008. (Yahoo! Finance-Bankrate, Inc.)

  1. Check that your tire pressure is correct: Keeping the correct PSI, or pounds per square inch, will give you better gas mileage, so check once a month.
  2. Don’t Let Your Car ‘Warm Up’ Before You Drive It: Technology in cars built in the past 10 years allows your car to operate at very near its top efficiency the moment it starts.
  3. Don’t Use a Higher Grade of Gasoline Than Is Recommended: It won’t improve your fuel economy, so it’s not worth the extra price you’ll pay per gallon.
  4. Slow Down Don’t Have A Lead Foot: Slower speeds win the fuel-economy race and can save you a bundle.
  5. Get the Junk Out of Your Car: The heavier your car is, the more energy it needs to move.

Jesus In Every Book Of The Bible: See an amazing 11-year-old boy’s presentation of “Jesus In Every Book Of The Bible.”