Back to School Soon :-)

Parents are almost at the starting gate for Back to School. As the upcoming school year A local newspaper reports “students they approached moan and groan about their summer break about to end.”

SOON Teachers will hit the ground running as the first school bell rings to begin the new school year. Veteran teacher say preparing for the school year is no easy task. Teachers all over are back to campus and have started setting up classrooms, organizing lesson plans and attending meetings.

Every one I spoke with said, they were saying lots of “Prayers.”

Spiriual Life Delayed in the Summer? Antidote.

Spiriual Life Delayed in the Summer? Antidote.

Spiritual Summer Life Delayed: Summer brings a sense of fun and freedom that the rest of the year doesn’t afford us. With this we tend to procrastinate and put off things in the name of “needing a break”, “taking a vacation” and or just wanting to do nothing… at least for a couple of days. But with your spiritual life you cannot do this! It has been noted that “Satan doesn’t take a day off!” When it comes to your spiritual life and discipline, you cannot either!

Determine to be spiritually alert for the summer. Many people plan for vacations more than they plan for life. People want a plan for a break from life rather than planning for life’s breaks!

Self-discipline is key. You have to continue your walk and pursuit of God. Sure it may look a little different during the summer months but it must be a priority. If growing spiritually and being close to God is really important to you, you have to carve out time for it.