Texas Voted Best State for Business Again

In May, for the 15th year in a row, Texas was named the Best State for Business by CEO Magazine. Governor Abbott reminded us that our talented workforce and staunch commitment to free market principles have led to unprecedented economic growth.
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Year-End Strategic Planning

Here are 10 simple tips to guide your strategic planning for the coming year.

By David Finkel Co-author, Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back’ @DavidFinkel Credit: Getty Images

Strategic planning is essentially making the tough decisions on where to invest your business’s resources … Here are ten tips to do it better.

What is your single biggest “limiting factor” inside your business? In other words, what one limitation is currently doing the most to limit the growth and success …What are 10 potential ways to push back or make your limiting factors less limiting for your business? 

Now Go back through your list of 10 “solutions” … Go through your list of 10 “solutions” and note each solution that is a “home run”.

  • Determine your “sweet spots”. More from David Finkel Going back to your above list of 10 solutions to each of your limiting factors, circle the solutions that are both a low hanging fruit and a home run. These are your “sweet spots”.
  • Clarify the business you are trying to build. Too many business owners never stop and clarify in writing …
  • Work backwards from your target.
  • If you’re not sure how to best reach your subgoals, brainstorm a long list of at least 10 potential ideas. Use the “sweet spot” technique … For the balance of the 10 solutions,  great idea and resources go here.

Dog-Sharing, Will It Work?

Alison Griswold

Yes, 2017 is the year of the rooster, but in the sharing economy it’s also the year of the dog. Dog-sharing is the new hot thing in the sharing economy.

Dog-sharing, of course, is as much a misnomer as ride-sharing and home-sharing. These dogs aren’t being passed around for free. But there’s been a flurry of activity among startups that offer dog walking, dog watching, and other dog-related services. Dog-sitting platform Rover acquired dog-boarding company DogVacay in an all-stock deal at an undisclosed price. Wag, the self-declared “#1 Dog Walking and Dog Sitting App for Busy Dog Owners,” has reportedly raised $19 million from two rounds of funding over the last two years.
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A Life Changing Story

BlessingsI am so thankful to God in blessing my business getting off that the ground & that He is providing me with business opportunities.

A Praise God Listening Addiction
It is outstanding how much of a blessing KSWP/KAVX have been in my life lately. I used to drive an hour to go to school at Angelina College. That was when I started listening. Now I can’t barely listen to any other station on the dial! Think I have a Praise God Listening Addiction! Praise God because thats what our focus should be on anyway. Our life only goes right when it revolves around His Will. PRAISE MY GOD FOREVER!

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Social Media, Middle-Age Americans vs Millennials

img_1340Social media has gripped middle-aged Americans even more than millennials. POLLY MOSENDZ for Bloomberg

Get off Facebook, Dad. No, really, you’re spending, like, seven hours a week on there.
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