Cure For Summer Boredom

Cure For Summer Boredom

When I was  kid the sure for boredom was my mom said, “If you can’t find something to do I will find something for you.” that was code for chores LOL but even the best mom may want some NEW ideas to keep your ankle biters busy!

Some of my unplugged favorites are 
Have a sidewalk chalk art show
Write a skit and perform it for a “Dinner Show”
Read a book “To” younger siblings

For your tech savvy teenagers
Make a music video or video the skit

For your Helper/Money Maker
Offer them some spending money for doing EXTRA chores
Let them help an elderly neighbor

God is Never Busy to Listen

never to busy“God is never busy to listen.”

God will never be busy to listen to you. He does  everything  just to let you know that He cares for you no matter what your situation in life.
Take time to meditate and talk to God. He will assure you that He is always there whenever you need someone.