What Happens? Live with Purpose!

What happens when you don’t seize the moment?

To Seize the Moment… (Do one of the following)

  • Live your life with purpose.
  • Stop making excuses.
  • Choose not to be a victim.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Take action now

Focus, Aim and…

an-arrowWhether it be at work or with your personal life.  It’s so easy to concentrate only on what’s going wrong.  Why aren’t things going my way?  It’s completely normal to think those thoughts – and to feel them.  But then move on.

Hmmmm… Maybe, you are the only one that can make the choice to look up or look down, to choose to look forward instead of behind you, and to choose to be open to what great things lie ahead for you.

Re-Focus.  Keep Aiming.  Keep aiming high!  Great things are ahead.