Christmas shipping deadlines

Sorry to be a grinch, but the deadlines to get orders in for (lower cost) ground delivery from UPS, United States Postal Service and Federal Express have already passed.

That doesn’t mean it’s too late to get those gifts to the doorstep in time for Christmas, however. And the postal elves are working overtime to help you make holiday magic. Deadline is Now!!! And for most it was yesterday!

Some 2.5 billion packages are expected to be shipped this holiday season, a new record, up from 2.3 billion a year ago, according to a new study.

Christmas on a Budget

Christmas On A Budget – 7 Easy Tips
  1. Make a shopping list. Write down the list of people you plan on buying gifts for. …
  2. Set a spending limit. …
  3. Pay in cash. …
  4. Shop by yourself. …
  5. Tis the season to give, not buy. …
  6. Shop for sales at discount stores. …
  7. Wrap a lot.

Gallup reports on SpendingUS adults estimate, they will spend approximately $885 on gifts this year, slightly lower than 2017’s expectations.  Below is an average of a range of findings:

  • 33% expect to spend at least $1000 on gifts.
  • 22% expect to spend between $500 and $999.

De-Stress This Season

Three generation family having a Holiday dinner.

Do the holidays fill you with happiness or apprehension?

You have the most pressure when planning, cooking, decorating, shopping, coordinating, buying gifts, preparing food or any of the many other holiday happenings at this time of year. There is just too much to do. And that doesn’t include so little time.
You go from elation to exhaustion – So how do you avoid the holiday stress. It’s a fact, Women suffer more stress than men.
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