Are You OCD?

A friend of mine in radio told me about his story.

image“It’s weird. It’s OCD and i cannot help it. I was reading about a friend that has to walk around the car to go into the house even though walking straight into the house is closer… she has to walk all the way around the car then into the house.

imageI wipe the studio with 4 Lisol wipes every day for 12 years w/o fail… I can’t start a show w/o doing it. Its weird but, I can’t stop?” Jay

The numbers of OCD cases are staggering:

  • More than 200,000 US cases per year
  • No cure known to man, but treatment may help
  • Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
  • Requires a medical diagnosis
  • Lab tests or imaging not required

imageWhat about you? How do you cope? If you’ve found answers, please share them. This has to be tough, I can’t imagine how you feel.

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13% of Students are Chronically Absent

Rows of school desks with many absent studentsi - LA Johnson/NPR

Rows of school desks/many absent studentsi – LA Johnson/NPR

It’s one of the oldest issues in school improvement: Getting kids to show up. If students miss 10 percent of the school year — that’s just two days a month —research shows they are way more likely to fall behind — even drop out.

Today, the U.S. Education Department is releasing a report on the first national data set on chronic absence.
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