God Wants

God wants to Change You more than He wants to change Your Circumstances.

Max Lacado says it this way, “The circumstances we ask God to change are often the circumstances God is using to change us.”

Have you ever begged God to change your circumstance? Your not alone, I sure have. Broken marriage, extended illness, work situation and the list goes on. It wears you down. You ask God what He’s up to? It could be several things. Go Here.


Useful or Glorious

Do we find God useful for our circumstances or do we find Him glorious regardless of circumstances? – David Platt
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Finding contentment – what’s the key?

img_1357I don’t have the answer but I’ve been doing a bible study on the book of Philippians. Paul, so happy despite his circumstances, he preached the gospel and elated to do so.

Paul even says he knows, some preach the gospel for selfish reasons and he doesn’t even care as long as someone is telling people about Jesus – I don’t know about you but I wish I could get there.

I don’t want to go to prison to figure it out, but I would love to finally be content in what ever state I find myself in.  If you want to challenge yourself, I encourage you to pick up GOD’S word and find a study you may soon find yourself out of your comfort zone! Mission accomplished!

Start with a study on Philippians.

Paul writes, I want you to know: Everything that has happened to me  has been a great boost in getting out the Good News concerning Christ. For everyone around here, including soldiers, know I am in chains simply because I am a Christian. And because of my imprisonment, many of the Christians here seem to have lost their fear of chains!

Somehow my patience has encouraged them, and many have become more and more bold in telling others about Christ. While some teach the Good News because they are jealous of the way God has used me. Some propagate to make me jealous, thinking that their success at giving the good news will add to my sorrows here in jail! No matter what their motive for doing it, the fact remains many proclaim the Good News about Christ with pure motives and I am glad. ~ my notes from Philippians 1:12-18”
Al & Michelle

Keep Calm, Passed Test


Keep Calm You Serve A Powerful God: As hard as we try, we can’t control everything. Circumstances happen, situations arise, consequences catch up with us. Anxiety or peace? Because of God we do have a choice. God makes all the difference in the world! Peter tells us to cast all our care on God. I love the imagery. You throw something light. You cast something heavy. We are to take our heavy load of worry and anxiety, use all our strength and faith and cast it onto Jesus. Let Him take it. Why? Because He cares for us. Why? Because He is able to keep us in perfect peace. Isaiah shared the secret to peace. He said to fix our thoughts on God and trust Him. What is it that you are worried about today? Cast it onto Jesus. Trust Him with it. Fix your thoughts on His love for you.

Prayer Works! Answered Prayer  – I passed my Teacher Certification Test for Math! Thank you for praying with  me! I didn’t pass it in Last year or earlier this year! But, I did two days ago in February. Thanks to all of you for praying with and for me! I give Jehovah God glory, praise, and thanks for being with me and with all those who choose to be with Him.