School Tips – Prepare and Follow-up

school-tipsHere are tips for your child’s first day of school… Gathered from several sources including the experience of six kids, who made it through school:

1. Help your child be familiar with what to expect – classroom, teacher, etc.
2. Talk about positive aspects – help your child look forward with excitement, and take away the “unknown.”
3. Be prepared ahead of time – lay out clothes, backpack, and breakfast. *Don’t have a rushed morning.
4. Know what they’re learning, and help them apply it to their world. Show them that learning is for everyone (including you) for all of life.
5. Get involved – attend open houses and know the calendar.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week

happy teacher appreciation week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Start Simple–A Teacher’s Gift from You… A heartfelt, handwritten thank you note goes a long way to sharing the love. Make it even more meaningful by including something specific the teacher has said or done that has made a difference.

Involve your Kids… Teachers treasure personal notes from their students. Here are some sentence starters to share with your kids:
You’re extra special because…     Thank you for…,      I love how you…,    This year you’ve taught me…

Involve the Classroom…
Have each child bring one flower on a designated day. Involve class parents and setup a week of pampering – parents take turns bringing the teacher a treat in the morning (like her favorite coffee), delivering lunch, or supervising at recess so she gets an extra break.

Extra Love…
Have each homeroom ‘adopt’ a teacher without a dedicated class so s/he gets recognized, too. Art, music, PE, reading specialists, etc., are “everyone’s” teachers but might get lost in the shuffle of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Work with the PTA to bring a small gift each day to each teacher and staff member, e.g.:
Cute Tape measure: It’s easy to measure the difference you make, you’re amazing!
Packet of Flower seeds: Thanks for helping our children blossom this year!
Coffee gift card: Thanks a ‘latte’ for all you do!

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