Ordinary or ExtraOrdinary

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. — Jimmy Johnson

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OverAchiever / OverBeliever

To be an overachiever, you have to be an overbeliever. – Coach Dabo Swinney, Clemson

Brilliant Coach and human… This is from a Tigernet article…

“There’s no elevator to greatness,” Swinney said. “There are no elevators to your goals and dreams and desires. You must take the steps. Everybody got that? Nobody’s giving you an elevator to take you (there). If they did, it ain’t gonna last, because you’re not going to be prepared, because you didn’t pay the price, alright? What I’m telling you is y’all never been 15. You’ve never been 20. You’ve never been 25. But hopefully, Lord willing, you will be, so what we want to do is try to prepare you, through our experiences, through our mistakes, through our successes, so hopefully, you’ve got a leg up on being successful.” – TigerChat

Every Man, Casting Crowns

1. There is one instance in life when it’s good to be something you’re not.
It’s when you are being Jesus to another.
It’s when you love a neighbor, or a stranger unconditionally, putting themselves before yourself.
When this song says “Will we help them understand?” think about that and think about how you may be “the only Jesus that someone may see today.”

2. The song has a lot of the “titles” that we call ourselves:
“Teacher, Leader, Coach, Soldier, broken man, nervous child, lonely wife”
But someone once asked me “Are you living your life as a title, or a testimony?”
He said “Pharoah had a title, but Moses had a testimony”
We should live our lives in such a way that it is a testimony that draws others to Christ.
So that we can change the lives of those who live only for titles.

3. Hey, while this song is playing think about the person that’s near you.
They may be needing hope, so say a quick prayer for them.
And, you never know, they may be listening too,
and they may be doing the same for you.

Give Yourself a Boost, Local Happenings, Weekend Box Office – Captian America Review

The Good Friends Question of the Day: When you are feeling blue – What do you do to cheer yourself up?
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Give Yourself a Boost: 9 out of 10 of us lack confidence in certain situations here is a few ideas on how to give yourself a boost.

  1. Stop negative self-talk – change the way you think!
  2. Next time you are beating yourself up stop for 5 minutes and think of yourself and someone who cares about you it spurs your brain to produce a chemical that fires up feelings of self-worth
  3. Ask yourself this question – Call a friend and ask them what your strengths are? Write down past successes so you can see it in black in white that you can succeed.
  4. Bring out your inner coach – It’s simple Stop saying I can’t and start saying I can!
  5. Wear the color Blue – Looking at this soothing color increases the number of mood  lifting alpha brain waves which slow down doubt and boosts the faith in yourself.
  6. Chew Peppermint Gum – The scent of peppermint stimulates activity in the happy center of your brain and chewing lowers your levels of confidence wrecking stress
  7. What does God says about it – Dust the Bible off your nightstand and see what God says about you.

Local Happenings!

  1. Baseball CAMP 🙂 3rd thru 12th grade players can get help with their baseball skills from the pros and local coaches, Monday, July 25th at the Hudson High School Baseball field – Join Former pro ball players Hayland Hardy and Rusty Ford along with Retired Coach Jack Lee and Hudson Head Coach Glenn Kimble. Suggested donation of $20 and all the proceeds benefit the family of Titus Grigg – 3rd-6th 9am-11am, 7th-12th 12pm-2:30pm call 903-569-7479 for more details
  2. Hospice Ribbon Cutting – The Angelina Chamber will host the Hospice in the Pines Ribbon cutting and reception August 4th at 10:00 am Located at 1504 West Frank Ave. Check them out on Facebook!

Weekend Box Office… What’s New At The Movies: Captain America – How family-friendly is it – Click to hear the latest review.

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