Sum Up 2018 in 3 Words

Pick Three (3) Goals, list 3 things or words which best describe the themes of what you intend to focus on this year. Focus on finishing the Task or Work Weekly! They aren’t “resolutions” as much as areas of activity and behaviors. Work on and Update the list Daily of what’s accomplished!

First “Sum Up 2018”.                        Then Your 2019 Words
3 Words from 2018.                           Pick 3 Words for 2019

1. _______________________       1. _______________________

2. _______________________       2. _______________________

3. _______________________       3. _______________________

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Best or Worst 1st day of School: Comments

Ann: The first day of school wasn’t too bad. The 2nd day stank!

Jodi: A few weeks before my senior year started, I decided to get my hair cut short. It was very different and I knew that first day of school would be scary, wondering what everyone would think about my new hair. It turned out fine, but I had some serious nerves that morning on the way to school.

Mari Louise: There is always such excitement over all the new possibilities and reuniting with old friends. I never could sleep the night before.

Linda: The best! Always an exciting day.

Patricia: New clothes, new shoes, new books-the best. Walking into your classroom alone the first time- the worst.

Darlene: I always loved the first day of school because I had saved money from working summers and had on a new outfit and fresh school supplies.

Adrienne: I remember moving into a new school in first grade in a new town. I toured the school over the summer and the principal showed my parents and I around, he really made me feel at ease about the transition and made going to school fun.

Karissa: I went to a catholic school, so there were only about 50 kids in my class, not so much to be nervous about and I new the teachers too. I just wasn’t popular, so I always worried who I would buddy up with. I loved my teachers.

Pam: Loved the start of school. Hated the homework!

Jeff: I always liked a new start!