Beauty Must Be Heart Felt

The Most Beautiful Things in the World cannot be Seen or Touched. They must be Felt with the Heart! Helen Keller

Personal growth is not easy. But you can make many tiny changes each day that will make a difference in a big way. Many have discovered, little steps followed by little steps actually builds on itself.

Are you stuck and not sure what to do? Just keep moving forward one step at a time. And soon you’ll discover you have accomplished what you set out to do! – Darren Hardy

Negative vs Positive

imageI recently read an article by Darren Hardy (Success from Home magazine) about the amount of negative input that you and I come in contact with everyday. The article challenged me and reminded me of why I moved from the mainstream media to Christian media.

You may find yourself, like me, realizing that information comes to your eyes and ears “as a barrage of negative input.”

Darren Hardy in the article said, “News media have become a competitive blood sport for our attention. Their focus is on finding the half-dozen most violent, tragic, scandalous and ugly things that happened in a day and parade them morning and night. Their goal is to trigger our fear, worry, threat and distress responses so we keep tuning in.

“This barrage of negative input devastates our productive potential and creative capacity. What we see and hear is what we think about. Our thoughts become our expectations. Expectation leads to manifestation. It’s a dangerous and damaging downward spiral.”

Hardy went on to point out that there is a lot of people that offer answers to life’s trials. While it seems as though you have to put on a bullet proof vest to stop the constant barrage of negative info, there are people in this world that help point to what’s right with the world

You may be challenged to find them, but they are there. People who in spite of considerable odds and obstacles, do impressive, inspiring and difference-making things.

You may be someone who has found that source or you may be seeking that source. I believe that if you have the desire to find that source of life and if you seek it, you’ll find the impossible is discarded for the possible.

Today I’m asking you to share your story, your experience with God in your life. By telling others about your experience, you can positively affect the people in your world.

Thank you for helping KSWP and KAVX in the mission to cut through the fog of negative, fearful and worrisome messages. KSWP and KAVX aim to be a beacon of inspiration and resource on how you can live an abundant, joyful and fulfilling life.

You are who we are!


“Serve Life, Share Hope and Connect to God.”
Connect you to Christ and nurture you in your Faith in God.
Encourage you to share the hope you received from God.
Encourage you to serve others and make a difference for someone else.

Excerpts from Darren Hardy