She Would’ve Been 16

Our daughter Maria would’ve turned 16 today (May 13th). While this day has thankfully gotten a little less “unbearable” with the passing years as our hearts have stayed anchored in the hope of God’s promises that tell us the story is far from over, sometimes I still just need to write out what I’m thinking & feeling.
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God Answers

UPDATE on Tanner
My friends and family and everyone that’s been praying for my son Tanner ….. No graft needed. My son is healed. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. We still have awhile before he can function normally with his arm but time is all that’s needed. I can not thank you all enough. I’m crying happy tears and tears of relief and joy. This has definitely been a test but God seen us through.
If you have ever doubted what prayers and the will of God can do, I have a living testimony!

My Story:
KSWP is what I listen to on the way to work – I sing along with the songs and praise Jesus the whole way! I go to work happy and my day goes so much better! When I get home from work I listen to KAVX – I feel peace and sleep soundly.

To get us through the day
I enjoy tuning into 91.9 and listening to Janet Parshall on my way home. Every night Monday-Friday at 9pm, I stop what I am doing and listen to Dr. David Jeremiah. I love his sermons/teaching.

Adelyn’s open heart surgery
My granddaughter, Adelyn who had open heart surgery on August 31st is home and doing well. She spent 10 days in the hospital and did not have any complications from the surgery. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support throughout this time. They were felt and answered! Praise God!

Kswp & Kavx
Your stations brings me comfort through these stressful times.

Give praise
We praise God and thank Him for ALL Blessings… Thank you kswp for bringing hope on the airwaves & beyond.

God is Good
4 days after requesting prayer for my nephew, God answered our prayers and he got a job. God is Good!



On Your Mind, October 25, 2013

Well the day was uneventful and then… Stories… and the need to talk to God about Friends…

  • My good friends are going through their own crises as well: two high-level executive friends are struggling with their six months of job hunting. Both are thinking positive yet hurt that it’s taking so long.
  • Another has a medical issue that has had her stuck at home since July. She home-schools her kids and her own studies are running behind.
  • Another has been coping with her husband’s loss of a job after 31 years. While he’s looking, she not only supports him but she goes fly-fishing with him and to yoga. This couple will have their house full again because their young daughter will be moving back home to recuperate after a short-lived marriage.

It’s all so much more than dropping the kids at football, soccer or ballet, even though that’s happening too. Recently I saw the famous Food Network chef Alton Brown on TV, He’s tired of hearing how no one has time to cook anymore, yet we spend hours upon hours at games. “Teach your kids to cook,” he says, “You sure can’t eat a football.”

magic-8-ball-prayWell each to his own, maybe a better QUESTION each day (today) ask: “God, what do you want to do through me today?”

i remember the months that I was out of a job…It took me several months before I realized and ask the QUESTION above. Well, I’ll admit now that it helped me get perspective. It helped me to get still (wasn’t easy) and listen. Then I heard and I believe you can be encoouraged today that God want to help you. I had to stop doing things under my own power and you can to…I know, “you can do it!”

It’s really encouraging to hear how God works through you in spite of our flaws. Call and share a God story…Your story! I promise it’ll encourage someone today!

1-800-944-8443 or go to the stories section of PrayerWorks at KSWP or KAVX!

Texting Versus Talking To Your Kids

girl on celle phoneTexting Versus Talking To Your Kids

Texting versus talking. It’s hard to quibble with the speed and convenience of connecting through texts and instant messages, but scientists say that today’s ubiquitous online social communication may not confer the same feel-good effects as plain old talking.

Studying a group of girls, U.S. researchers found that key emotion-linked hormones — including cortisol and oxytocin — responded in potentially beneficial ways when the girls talked over a stressful event with their mothers compared to when they texted about it.

They are not really sure why, but maybe hearing that voice is special. Hearing someone’s voice is not only able to convey tone and sincerity, but also identity.

Researchers compared the hormonal responses of girls between the ages of nearly 8 and 12 when hearing their mother’s voice with those who communicated with their mothers via instant message after completing a stressful math and verbal test.

Girls who either spoke to their mothers by phone or in person had lower levels of cortisol — the “stress” hormone — and higher levels of oxytocin, known as the “love hormone” because of its link to forming positive relationships. The hormone levels of the instant-messaging group were similar to those of a control group of girls who weren’t allowed any contact with their mothers after the test.

While the girls that texted reported no feelings of stress their bodies had another chemical response.