Big Decisions

What do you do when you have to make a big decision? Sometimes making decisions are no-brainers. You make your choice, and even if it’s not the best decision, the potential consequences are rarely worth breaking a sweat.  Then there are times you have to make hard decisions.

The more you ponder making the decision, the more confused and stuck you feel. You just want a voice from the heavens to shout down instructions and tell you what path to take. This confusion is so uncomfortable that we tend to avoid these big decisions altogether. Of course, this does nothing but stoke a low-level sense of anxiety and frustration about ourselves and our circumstances. Avoidance has never been a great strategy for life success and happiness.

Over-thinking and compulsively analyzing a decision doesn’t help much either. Trying to predict the future is an impossible task, regardless of how certain you may feel about the desired outcome. Life is too unpredictable to know with certainty that you are making the “right” decision. Ultimately, any decision involves a leap of faith.

Here are some helpful hints if you are facing a BIG decision today:

  1. Evaluate the Pros and the Cons
  2. Phone a Friend
  3. Pray
  4. Research and Experiment – Research, ask questions, talk with people who have experienced each scenario. If possible, experiment with alternative outcomes.
  5. Don’t Look Back -If you have done your due diligence, and talked to God, then make your choice, take the leap and don’t look back.

The Most Difficult Thing

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. – Amelia Earhart

I.E. – You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.

Calm Your Molecules, It’s only a test.

Calm Your Molecules, It’s only a test.

Keep Calm and Rock the Staar Test.

“The Only Thing you have to fear Is fear itself.” Franklin D Roosevelt

”When you’ve collected all the facts and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead.” George C Patton


Strange Decisions when Stressed

People make strange decisions when they are stressed.

What is the “Strangest Decision” you have ever made when you were stressed?

Here’s a few of those decisions, They really happened the weekend of the Hurricane:

  • One man was tying himself to a telephone pole to weather the storm.
  • Another was kite surfing in the huge waves.
  • Another man, donned what appears to be a snorkeling mask, said that “he’s going ride out Hurricane Irma in a store front on Duval Street and won’t evacuate.
Make a Decision

Make a Decision

Be decisive. Right or Wrong make a Decision. The road is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a Decision.