University makes Elementary School T-Shirt Design Official Apparal

Credit: University of Tennessee, @UTVolShop/Twitter

(FOX NEWS) – University of Tennessee turns elementary school student’s T-shirt design into official apparel. The young University of Tennessee fan that was bullied last week for a homemade shirt he wore to his school’s collegiate day was shown an outpouring of support that has since inspired the university to make his design into an official piece of apparel.

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Good Friends Chatting Watercooler Style

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1985-maserati-biturboOdd News: Man trades in ( do you buy when you go to the dollar store/99 cent store/YOU KNOW the stores we mean!.  There are five categories to get the most of your dollar: Cleaning Supplies, Gift Wrap, Snacks, Shampoos, Kitchen accessories.  AND there are five categories that will get the least for your dollar: Batteries, Toothpaste, Electrical products, Kids Jewelry, Vitamins. broken_arm_02

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TX-StateCentersLufkin state center changes reflect statewide compliance: Former Lufkin State School has new name, is hiring for 163 jobs (Lufkin Daily)

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