Joy or Pain, Holiday Drama, Complete Make-Over, Mailing Deadlines For Chirstmas

Power Thoughts

  1. “Everyone gets 24 hours a day. It’s what you do with it that defines your life.” Unknown
  2. “When you realize your time is your life, you figure out how to make the most of it.” Unknown
  3. “You accomplish big things by doing little things over and over.” Unknown

You can have joy or pain: Whether things are going great or bad…  It’s your choice. God wraps you in his love. God’s love never falls short, even when we do. He is faithful! So, consider accepting His love!

“How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 36:7 NLT

Did you have any drama during the Thanksgiving Holiday? Maybe you had some, if so you were not alone. Michelle and I did, so did Larry and Melinda. Was it a missing or forgotten ingredient? Was it a broken part?

Maybe it was a broken fryer for the Cajun fried turkey…. So when you brave the crowds and buy a new one and then get back home, it has a broken part. Which meant another trip to town. Then a return trip home… Oh did I mention it’s 10pm now and I haven’t even started cooking. But, I’ll outfox this situation, I bought two… one of these will work.

Meanwhile, trying to get a turkey to our friends to fry but they were delayed … (see above) then, trying to find ONE elusive ingredient for Michelle’s famous spice cake … and while we are driving around searching “wondering if anyone else was experiencing something similar… (back to the story) several … several … several stores later … success!

So, again – did you have any drama over the holidays?

Win BIG: 5th annual Change Your Life Pineywoods Makeover –  Giving back to the community is something our corner of East Texas knows well. And what better example of this service than the “Dream Team” – the amazing group of dedicate physicians and professionals who make the Change Your Life Pineywoods Makeover a reality year after year. The makeover began back in 2006 with the first winner Rene White and today, Drs Robert Lehmann and Tim Young of Lehmann Eye Center, in partnership with some of Nacogdoches finest, have done it again…

Last years annual makeover winner Candice Barr said, “I had never won anything in my life. But, after I got going into it, I realized it was actually happening…and it’s been fantastic,” said Candice. When asked about what it means to be a part of the Pineywoods Makeover team, Dr. Lehmann of Lehmann Eye Center said “When you have the chance to change someone’s life like this, it ends up changing yours in the process. And that is an experience you never forget.” To see more before and after images of Pineywoods Makeover winners, visit

For anyone interested in being considered, the dream team is proud to announce that they are currently accepting applications for the 5th annual Change Your Life Pineywoods Makeover. Applicants are asked to complete a series of questions about what they would like to have made over, provide general information and describe why they feel they – or someone of their choosing – should be selected for the makeover.

Applications are available at any of the following locations:
Clay Bostian & Creative Photography, Carla Redfield & The Oasis Spalon, Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Aaron Polk, Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jon Caster, Dr. Robert Lehmann, Dr. Timothy Young & Lehmann Eye Center, Diane Lunsford & The Skinny School, Sharon Roberts & Curves, Charla Sparks & The Fashion Shop, Shelley Brophy & Shelley’s Bakery Cafe, Dee Bishop & Merle Norman, Pamela Hightower & DreamMakers, Oral Surgeon Dr. Rick Hurst, Jeanie Suhor & The Surgery Center of Nacogdoches
Applications are also conveniently available online at The deadline for the 5th annual Change Your Life Pineywoods Makeover is December 1st, 2010. Applications can be mailed in to or dropped off in person at any of the locations above. (LEC)

Get It In The Mail: Shipping Deadlines (USPS)

  • First Class Mail  Dec 20
  • Priority Mail Dec 21
  • Express Mail* Dec 22
  • Parcel Post Dec 15
  • DBMC Drop Ship Dec 18
  • DDU Drop Ship Dec 22
  • Military Mail Addressed To  APO Addresses – Parcel Post deadlines are already past… If you send it Express Mail for some APO’s, Deadline is December 4th. But check because for some the latest is December 18th