Soldiers Sing Reckless Love

2,000 Soldiers Stand Side-By-Side For Moving Worship Song.
by Kimberly White

It was a poignant and powerful scene for anyone fortunate enough to be sitting in the stands during the Easter Sunday service at Fort Benning, Georgia. Lucky for us, one attendee shared one of the most moving moments.
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Be Strong Enough to Stand Alone,
Be Yourself Enought to Stand Apart,
Be Wise Enough to Stand Together,
When the Time Comes!

02032016 Life in Transition, God is Enough, Odds & Ends, Job Corp

Having a life that’s in transition is like walking from the beach into the ocean. Your feet are on uncertain ground – either sinking in the sand or crunching on shell fragments. Then you start to get in deeper.  You can’t see clearly what’s around you.  Hopefully you don’t encounter a jellyfish, but you may. Finally you get to the part where your feet don’t touch, and you start to float.  Transitions are like that – there comes a point where Jesus has to hold you up, and keep you buoyed. If you are feeling like you’re barely keeping your head above water, can you trust that He is floating you where you need to go? Then you realize Jesus has you, safely & securely in His arms! (Oceans – Hillsong United)

GodisEnoughPower Thought:
“When you have nothing left but God, you discover that God is enough!”

PrayerWorks: Carry me into new realm of blessings
Heavenly Father , I pray to you in Jesus name , I am in vital phase in my life which necessitate your intervention , Intervene my financial life with your giving power , i want it from your hand , Open the hidden resources of the kingdom for me nowadays , Open all the closed doors have been shut by the enemy . You are my family for i have no one except you , and you are everything and you are all in all .. In Jesus mighty name , Amen

groundhog-dayGroundhog Scientific studies over a 60 year period show that the Groundhogs accuracy in forecasting the onset of Spring is only 28 percent. Oddly enough, the National Weather Service only has a 31 percent accuracy, so there.

Apple-GoogleWhat’s the most valuable company in the United States? If you said “Apple,” you’d have been right yesterday –but in late, after hours trading, Alphabet, Incorporated –the new name for Googlepassed Apple to take the top spot. How much is it worth? Bloomberg says Alphabet is worth roughly $570-billion dollars to Apple’s $535-billion.

Beware: Your fitness band is probably transmitting your location and can fairly easily be hacked and tracked. (Not Apple Watch, apparently, but others, yes.) It’s like voluntarily wearing a GPS ankle bracelet. But, then again, same true when carrying a smartphone. And, really, who wants to know where you are at all times? (CTV News)

events_calendarEvents Calendar: Today Christian Men’s Job Corps of Nacogdoches opens classes!
Feb 3 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Our goal is not only to bring men closer to God, but to become leaders through Christ in their families, careers and in the community.
The highly dedicated instructors here at CMJC train men in life skills, job skills, basic computer knowledge, financial instruction, and in depth Bible studies. This will be a 12 week, evening classroom program, open at no cost to any interested man ready to make changes in his life.
Registration is ongoing from Jan. 4th – Feb. 5th. Call 936-564-2952 to schedule an admission interview time. Classes begin Feb. 15th and will meet every Mon.,Tues., & Thurs. evening 6pm-9pm.
Volunteers are needed to help teach, guide, mentor, and provide meals. If you are interested in volunteering, call Harry Vanderveer, CMJC Program Coordinator at 936-564-2952

Love the Sticks Story

lovethatsticks2Sometimes if you are paying attention you can really see God at work around you!
I have a friend who wrote a blog about a “strange” encounter this week that turned out to be a real God moment…
Her car had broken down and so Joana was bumming rides and walking to get around.  Joana is known to be the kind of person who talks to strangers and this week she is glad she does.

Turns out through a long list of events she found herself walking side by side with a woman that received an anonymous sticky note from Joana the year before… and the lady still had the post-it….
here’s her blog conclusion which really touched my heart…

I wrote an entire blog post when I left that note about how when we do kind things, we have to be ok with never seeing the outcome. And yet, an entire year later, God orchestrates a meeting between two strangers that had been connected this entire time without knowing it. I asked her if she believed in God and she said yes. We both agreed we were living in a moment that could have never happened without His influence.

I think about what would have happened if I hadn’t remembered her unusual name, or if I’d had my car and driven instead of walked, or if I had just hurried ahead of her to avoid the awkwardness… I can’t imagine how many potential moments like that I’ve missed.

I don’t really have anything else to say other than God is still big enough and faithful enough to remind us that He is in control and to show us these beautiful moments that can happen when we obey Him. So that’s why I talk to strangers. It’s usually worth it.