Ordinary or ExtraOrdinary

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. — Jimmy Johnson

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Lufkin’s First World Series Little League Allstars 1957

Something about the Little League World Series gets baseball fans everywhere and of all ages excited. It’s probably seeing young kids get a moment in the spotlight. It may also be reminiscing about playing baseball when each of us were kids. Regardless of why we love the Little League World Series, It’s awesome to support this Year Little League Allstars!

And reminiscing about “Lufkin’s First World Series Allstars from 1957.”

Fans For The 4th – Fan Drive

Fans For The 4th – Fan Drive

Commercial Bank of Texas has kicked off , Fans for the 4th, a fan drive collecting gently used and new fans for our neighbors.  CBTx has partnered with Love Inc. to get the fans distributed to those in need.  You can leave a fan or monetary donation at any Commercial Bank location in Angelina County.  Fans will be collected thru Friday July 6th.  For more information contact Valena Spradley at 633-5807 or Valena@cbtx.com.

Question of the Day, Save Energy and Money

The Good Friends Question of the Day: A soldier left a message proposing marriage to Samantha – he won’t get another chance to phone her for a month – he called from a phone booth overseas, full of love and earnestly proposing. But he left it on the wrong voice mail! Samantha may not even know yet! Have you ever left an important message in the wrong place?
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Easy ways to save energy and money this summer:

  • Air-dry Clothes: Picking up an inexpensive drying rack or sting a line.  (We save $50 a month in the summer just by drying sheets and towels on the line)
  • Use Fans: Fans are breezy and beneficial and can allow you to raise the thermostat without suffering to badly. Ceiling fans are the most energy-efficient (and budget-friendly) option.
  • Spend a Night by Candlelight: Natural light is romantic, atmospheric & creative. Pick a TV and computer-free evening and go old-school with board games and charades — all lit by candlelight.
  • Take Shorter Showers: Hot-water heating is one of the major energy-zappers in most households.
  • Get Solar Screens: They can cut 75% of heat coming through windows, without impacting visibility and reducing the demand on air conditioners.
  • Unplug Appliances and Electronics: Phantom power is being used by your appliances and electronics even when they are turned off and not in use.