The Greatest Gift

The Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.– Isaiah 7:14

  • On a real day — in real history. In a real city — in a real world. The real Savior — to take away all our guilt. The real and only Christ — to fulfill all our hopes. The real Lord — to defeat all our enemies, and make us safe and satisfied for ever.
  • You can know Him today. Because On this real day, today — Today not History, You can live in freedom!
  • In a real place — Where you are now in this world. Whatever that is
  • Knowing The real Savior will take away all your guilt.
  • The one and only real Christ — God through Christ will fulfill all your hopes.
  • The real Lord — Will defeat all your enemies, and make you safe and satisfied for ever.

Inspiration Fund Extended

The “Inspiration Fund has been extended through Monday, September 30th, as you make your best investment of $500 or more, you  join with other supporters in creating the first “Inspiration fund” for Share-A-Thon.

You’ll play an active role in reaching someone by Sharing Hope in Jesus, because you encourage and inspire them to join you in the process!

Share-a-thon is next week and the KSWP Inspiration Fund gives you a unique opportunity to encourage others to get involved with your favorite radio station KSWP, maybe for the first time! (See Below)

Fully Furnished Sound-Isolation Man Cave

The Perfect Gift for any dad… Just in time for Father’s Day! Spoil Dad with a sound-isolation man cave where he can sit back and snack while watching his favorite team play…
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