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pray when you dont know what to doPlease Pray – Father God, I praise you and give thanksgiving for pr0tecting my husband during his motorcycle accident. I pray that you allow him to be healed quickly. I pray he seeks and finds you first and foremost and in all things. I pray you strengthen us and help us put Christ first in our marriage. Amen #prayerworkskswpkavx


self-brakingSelf-Breaking Cars: Major U.S. automakers struck a deal with the federal government mandating that by 2022 most cars will have breaks that think for themselves. The deal was reached as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to look for ways to bring the number of roadway accidents down. The breaks would automatically activate if the driver is too slow to react in a potentially dangerous situation.

Self-driving cars -Need to make way for self-driving tractors. The first GPS-guided tractor is expected to go to work within weeks at an Idaho potato farm. The tractor is about half the size of a normal machine, and has no steering wheel or seat. The company hopes to build 60 more this year, and has already received commitments for 100 of the driverless tractors.

03142016 Never Give Up, Money Miracle? Ever Search for Search

Never3XsGiveUpYour Power Though:

prayerPrayerWorks: Pray for Olivia – Pray for my friends daughter who is very sick. She sent this information to FB friends today. “We have been moved to ICU for further monitoring and more extensive testing because of her issues with having Hurler’s. The only thing we know at this point is we are dealing with two issues- neurological and urological. The questions are…are the two related, is this infectious, and are the issues related to her immunosuppression as a result of the bone marrow transplant. She is a very sick little girl. Thank you for all of your sweet comments and especially your prayers.” #prayerworkskswpkavx

Ever experience a money miracle? Call 855-909-5797 and leave your answer…

“Before I bring my need, I will bring my heart.  Before I lift my cares, I will lift my arms. I wanna know you.  I wanna find you.”  A song about searching… Each month, 550,000 people search for the meaning of life on Google. Our culture offers four main answers to this question, ranging from ‘life is meaningless’ to ‘life is a joke’.
There was one chief purpose of the wise men, and that was to seek the Christ child.  They brought their hearts.  They lifted their arms in worship, and then they brought gifts.
All they wanted was what is sung in this song:  “I wanna know you.  I wanna find you.”  Perhaps that can be your prayer, today? Seeking God first with all your being! Lauren Daigle – First (Lyric Video)

02032016 Life in Transition, God is Enough, Odds & Ends, Job Corp

Having a life that’s in transition is like walking from the beach into the ocean. Your feet are on uncertain ground – either sinking in the sand or crunching on shell fragments. Then you start to get in deeper.  You can’t see clearly what’s around you.  Hopefully you don’t encounter a jellyfish, but you may. Finally you get to the part where your feet don’t touch, and you start to float.  Transitions are like that – there comes a point where Jesus has to hold you up, and keep you buoyed. If you are feeling like you’re barely keeping your head above water, can you trust that He is floating you where you need to go? Then you realize Jesus has you, safely & securely in His arms! (Oceans – Hillsong United)

GodisEnoughPower Thought:
“When you have nothing left but God, you discover that God is enough!”

PrayerWorks: Carry me into new realm of blessings
Heavenly Father , I pray to you in Jesus name , I am in vital phase in my life which necessitate your intervention , Intervene my financial life with your giving power , i want it from your hand , Open the hidden resources of the kingdom for me nowadays , Open all the closed doors have been shut by the enemy . You are my family for i have no one except you , and you are everything and you are all in all .. In Jesus mighty name , Amen

groundhog-dayGroundhog Scientific studies over a 60 year period show that the Groundhogs accuracy in forecasting the onset of Spring is only 28 percent. Oddly enough, the National Weather Service only has a 31 percent accuracy, so there.

Apple-GoogleWhat’s the most valuable company in the United States? If you said “Apple,” you’d have been right yesterday –but in late, after hours trading, Alphabet, Incorporated –the new name for Googlepassed Apple to take the top spot. How much is it worth? Bloomberg says Alphabet is worth roughly $570-billion dollars to Apple’s $535-billion.

Beware: Your fitness band is probably transmitting your location and can fairly easily be hacked and tracked. (Not Apple Watch, apparently, but others, yes.) It’s like voluntarily wearing a GPS ankle bracelet. But, then again, same true when carrying a smartphone. And, really, who wants to know where you are at all times? (CTV News)

events_calendarEvents Calendar: Today Christian Men’s Job Corps of Nacogdoches opens classes!
Feb 3 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Our goal is not only to bring men closer to God, but to become leaders through Christ in their families, careers and in the community.
The highly dedicated instructors here at CMJC train men in life skills, job skills, basic computer knowledge, financial instruction, and in depth Bible studies. This will be a 12 week, evening classroom program, open at no cost to any interested man ready to make changes in his life.
Registration is ongoing from Jan. 4th – Feb. 5th. Call 936-564-2952 to schedule an admission interview time. Classes begin Feb. 15th and will meet every Mon.,Tues., & Thurs. evening 6pm-9pm.
Volunteers are needed to help teach, guide, mentor, and provide meals. If you are interested in volunteering, call Harry Vanderveer, CMJC Program Coordinator at 936-564-2952

Finding Your Way, Clean The Clutter, Tired? Power Nap “Good”

Power Thoughts

  • “Any time you make a commitment to something, it will be tested.” ~ Unknown
  • “A commitment does not end with the decision, it’s just getting started.” ~ Unknown
  • “Achieving a goal is a good feeling, but to get there you have to go through the failures. Pick yourself up and succeed.” ~ Mary Lou Retton

Finding Your Way: When Michelle and I are on a trip and we are not exactly sure of the destinations location, we will use the GPS on our Iphone.  Sometimes, I say, “I think I know the way. We won’t need directions.” Bad decision.

Jesus said, before He left to be with the Father, that He would send the Holy Spirit to help us find our way. I find that incredibly reassuring, don’t you?

If you need direction as to where to set the course of your life, don’t rely on your own way. Use God’s guidance system.  We can have an internal navigational system.

The Holy Spirit, who lives in us, to offer direction. Of course, you could do like I have done before, waste vast amounts of time and energy with the idea that I know the way. Again, more reassurance from Jesus, He is the way, the truth and the light to guide us. Wow and thanks!

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” ~ John 16:13 NLT

Clean The Clutter: 13 Projects and 13 Rewards to Reap for Your Organizing Efforts (getorganizednow.com) One of the very best ways to stay motivated while organizing is to specify rewards you’ll enjoy when you’re done with each project.

Project: Organize your kitchen pantry.  Reward: Take a long leisurely bubble bath, along with some wonderful music while you’re soaking.
Project: Get to the bottom of your mail pile.  Reward: Go to the library and get a book you have wanted to read. Then, take and hour in your day to read it– interruption-free.
Project: Get your calendar updated and organized.  Reward: Plan a social date with a favorite friend at home or at a local coffee shop to catch up on each other’s lives.
Project: Designate a Donation Box and fill it with a minimum of 10 items.  Reward: Go shopping for one new item that you’ll use and love.
Project: Make a family calendar, highlighting each person’s chores/events in a specific color.  Reward: Go out with your family on a picnic (an indoor picnic if it’s cold outside).
Project: Organize your hobby room.  Reward: Take a class you’ve been wanting to do or work on a favorite hobby guilt-free all afternoon!
Project: Catch up with your dusting and vacuuming.  Reward: Purchase a bouquet of flowers for the house.
Project: Get a task done that you’ve been procrastinating on for months.  Reward: Spend a few hours going on a hike, biking or anything that will keep your energy flowing.
Project: Organize your hair accessories, toiletries and cosmetics into baskets.  Reward: Go to the salon and get a new hairstyle.
Project: Clean out your refrigerator, tossing all expired food, cleaning the shelves, and so on.  Reward: Take a 20-minute power nap.
Project: Work on a meal plan for the month.  Reward: Pick up a ready-made meal and dessert for dinner, and pop it in the oven–guilt-free.
Project: Do your fall weeding, trimming and raking.  Reward: Relax in a lounge chair on your deck or patio with a cool drink or a hot cocoa.
Project: Choose a room and pick up all the clutter.  Reward: Go out for lunch with friends and try a new restaurant.

Tired? Some Companies Give Workers OK to Power Nap on the Job (ABC News) At one time or another, every one has had that after lunch lull, when it’s hard to keep your mind on your work. Some people fight fatigue with a jolt of java. Others take a walk. Many find a distraction on the Internet. Yet, one solution that some employers say makes a difference is a nap. Companies as diverse as Ben & Jerry’s and Google have dedicated napping rooms. These quiet spaces provide you with peace and privacy to take a short snooze.

Tony Schwartz, author of “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working says, “We need to recognize in the workplace that more, faster, more continuously is not better and that part of helping a person in a world of infinite demand to be sustainably high-performing, is to value and support intermittent renewal across the workday.” In other words: a nap.

Six out of ten people in a recent survey admitted to experiencing performance issues, such as trouble organizing work and difficulty concentrating. A 2009 study in the research journal Sleep showed that a 10-20 minute nap produced the most benefit in terms of reduced sleepiness and improved cognitive performance.

But, what if napping is frowned upon in your workplace, but you’re craving some shuteye, you may have an options. If you’re able, use a portion of your lunch hour for a nap, even as little as 10 minutes. Create a dark space by closing office shades and shutting the door. Use a neck rest like those made for airplane flights so your neck is protected while you lean back in your chair. Or check out the Dream Helmet, a pillow and eye mask device in one that straps around your head for napping. If you worry about falling into a deep sleep or nodding off for too long, set the alarm on your cell phone to wake you after just 10 to 20 minutes max. And, finally, to build awareness and support in your workplace, carefully share the link to this segment (and a recent BusinessWeek article on the popularity of napping on the job) with colleagues and bosses to tout this unique opportunity to improve productivity. If it’s good for Google, then it may get the boss’s attention.

Election Day Results, City Name Change, Job Hunting, Kids Snack Calorie Count

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‘Topeka to be Google, Kansas’: Proclamation part of effort to bring ultra-fast Internet to capital city (cjonline.com)

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