Grocery Store Meltdowns

Your Most Embarrassing Grocery Store Meltdown

My brother, his wife and two girls went to the grocery store and his youngest threw herself on the floor in a fit because she couldn’t open the cereal box right there and eat it. My sister-in-law kept walking but soon noticed that my brother was not there beside her anymore. She turned around and found him lying on the floor next to their daughter, kicking and crying mimicking her fit. Another reason to leave them (the kids) at home while shopping – experts estimate that for every extra minute you spend in a store, you spend about $2 more on unplanned purchases.”

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Big D Welcome, A Joyful Approach, Your Creative Ability, Save on Rising Food Cost

Power Thoughts

  • “Your joyful approach to life can make a world of positive difference for everyone around you.”
  • “Pride ends in humiliation, while humility brings honor.”
  • “A sense of humor is the lubricant of life’s machinery.”

A Big D Welcome for Super bowl XIV: Pittsburgh Steelers & Green Bay Packers in flashy, new Texas stadium. like taking Archie Bunker & Rocky Balboa to a fancy restaurant.

Your mind holds tremendous creative ability. That’s why God gave you an imagination—so that you could create mental pictures, add faith to them, and see those pictures manifest in your life. Once you have an image in your mind of something you want to do or become, nothing can stop that image from coming to pass. Whatever you meditate on will become the blueprint for your reality.

When you combine the imagination of your mind and also focus with direction from God’s Word, you will position yourself for success. You’ll have wisdom, discernment, insight and the ability to accomplish anything. It is then up to you to enforce and maintain soundness of mind by keeping your thoughts and imaginations in line with God and His Word (Isaiah 26:3).

“I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2).

They say it’s coming – How can you be prepared? Ways to fight rising food prices, while the need to eat isn’t something you can avoid, there are some steps you can take to keep the costs in check.

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01-18-11, Negative Mindset, Past Troubles, Nicknames, Avoiding Grocery Store Temptation

Power Thoughts

  1. “When you find that you’ve worked your way into a negative mindset, you have what it takes to also work your way back out.”
  2. “You can truly change the world by changing the way you look at it.”
  3. “Those who listen to instruction will prosper. Those who trust the Lord will be happy!”

Nicknames: Do you have an nickname for your kids? Or did you have a nickname when you were growing up?

Are you holding on to memories of past troubles? Struggling because these memories do not benefit our present or our future. Yet, Your hope is in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit because of the work of Jesus. Then suddenly you realize that your memory of the past fades because you cherish even more the reality of what Christ has redeemed … your present and my future.

I love the way the Message puts it… “I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don’t get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.” ~ Philippians 3:12-14

Avoiding Grocery Store Temptation – You’re at the supermarket and starving. How do you avoid temptation in the aisles? All it takes is a few minutes of advance planning. Here’s how to get in and out of the supermarket faster and with the right stuff in your grocery bags.

  • Plan ahead – Take some time to plan menus for the upcoming week. Create seven lunch and dinner menus (fewer if you eat some meals out). Keep in mind the week’s events: Working late? Take-out night.
  • Create a real grocery list – This isn’t the list you hurriedly make as you rummage through your fridge and see that you need more milk or you’re out of eggs. Nope, this foolproof shopping list comes right out of the seven-day menu plan strategy.
  • Make your shopping list market-friendly – To make shopping easier and faster, organize your list according to the sections of the store. Here are some basic categories:

•Fruits and vegetables
•Refrigerator cases (dairy, juice, eggs, etc.).
•Meat, poultry and fish cases
•Canned foods, condiments and oils
•Grains and cereals
•Frozen foods

  • Grab a snack beforehand – Shop hungry and you’re more likely to succumb to high-calorie foods.

    Hit the supermarket once a week – If possible, shop on the same day each week and spare yourself some aggravation by avoiding the busy times: weekday evenings or weekends (by Sunday, the produce is usually not so hot anyway). If you work during the day, go after 9 p.m.; if you have a more flexible schedule, go during the day.

    Make a produce pit-stop -Shopping once a week may be too little for fresh produce, so dart into the market midweek to replenish your supply of fruits and vegetables. In the summer months, save time by stopping off at a roadside stand.

  • Burn down the aisles – You can be surrounded by food but still burn calories if you spend a little extra time at the supermarket.
  • Park in the very farthest spot from the door and briskly walk to and from the car
  • Before you pick up a cart, walk up every single aisle in the supermarket as quickly as possible; you may even spot some bargains. Go back and grab a cart and shop. Now you’re moving more slowly, which means fewer calories burned per minute. So put some extra effort into reaching and stretching for goods on the shelves. Remember that every little bit of activity counts.
  • Sticking to your weight-loss plan can be a lot easier with these strategies in mind. You can learn to balance better choices with whatever you desire, and never feel deprived.

Purposeful Life Helps, Your Kids and Snacks, Fly to the Store, Big Daddy Weave Video

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Soon you may ask your honey to “Fly To The Grocery Store?” Aircraft manufacturer looks to sell jet packs later this year. (FOX News)

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