Job Creation in Texas

By Lonnie Hunt Of Texas Forest Country Magazine

I was not surprised the other day to read that Texas was the number one growth state in the United States for 2016, according to a migration trends report from U-Haul. The company ranks “growth states” by the net gain of one-way U-Haul rentals entering a state during a calendar year.

This, of course, is good news for Texas as a whole. But is it good news for all of Texas? Unfortunately, the answer is no. That’s because the significant growth in Texas continues to occur in a relatively few urban and suburban counties.

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Words to Define Your Year

words have powerWhat are the words you want to use to define your new year?

Here are some responses so far:
Alexandra – Creativity, Growth, Simplicity
Martha – Focus, Connect, Momentum
Debbie – Touch, Storytelling, Create
Rebekkah – Reclaim, Rewrite, Renew
Vicki – Passion, Confidence, Balance
Nick – Smile, Fight, Create
Ginny – Basics, Balance and Gratitude.
Marge – Perseverance, well-being, manifest.
Paula – Action, Collaboration, Freedom
Joanna – Love, Passion, Action
Sonya – Publish, Productive, Value
Gail – Write, Speak, Read.
Robin – Ask, Do, Share.
Patti – Grow, Contribute, Action.
Meghan – Mind, Body, Spirit
Margot – Integrate, Connect, Finish
Dana – Creativity, Independence, Outreach.
Jonathan – Quality, Help, and Perseverance.
West – Servitude, Submission, Integrit

The Day After Super Bowl 43 – Your World Observations

Super Bowl 43: Game Highlights & favorite commercials (

Date Night Ideas: Great ways to carve out time with one another. (

Christian Contemporary Radio Stations Continue Steady Growth: The CCRS format is the second most popular music format following Country radio, which has lost more than 350 stations since 1998. (Christian Post)