Juggling Holidays Events

Juggling multiple Thanksgiving invites can be stressful. Do your parents still have expectations for you on holidays like Turkey Day as an adult?

My brother “unofficially” expects our whole family to be together, and he applies pressure (gently) by hosting the meal. And invites Everyone to His place!

Are there any unwritten rules that feel more like family politics?

For many, a good chunk of Thanksgiving Day is spent in the car going from one family meal to the next.

De-Stress This Season

Three generation family having a Holiday dinner.

Do the holidays fill you with happiness or apprehension?

You have the most pressure when planning, cooking, decorating, shopping, coordinating, buying gifts, preparing food or any of the many other holiday happenings at this time of year. There is just too much to do. And that doesn’t include so little time.
You go from elation to exhaustion – So how do you avoid the holiday stress. It’s a fact, Women suffer more stress than men.
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Toy Fatalities

Which of your child’s toys didn’t even last a week?!?

Do you have any battle scars from cutting/ripping your child’s toys out of the box over the holidays?

One couple reported, “They have a tiny drone stuck in a tree….it made it 3 days before recovered.

A grand papa, “My grandson’s electric “wheelie” car has already lost two wheels and the driver.


30 Silly Fights Most Couples Have Had At Least Once

30 Silly Fights Most Couples Have Had At Least Once

My friend told me about a huge argument he and his wife got into over the proper way to store taco shells in Ziploc bags.
What’s the silliest argument you ever got into?30 Silly Fights Most Couples Have Had At Least Once

  1. Toothpaste … Squeeze from the bottom? Middle?
  2. Thermostat… Too hot or too cold?
  3. The Remote… Who gets it? What to watch?
  4. Dinner… Phones allowed or not?
  5. Shoes… Off at the door?
  6. Just listening… response to venting?
  7. Netflix/TV Shows.. Do you watch together or wait for the other?
  8. Teams… Sam vs. SFA, A&M vs. Texas
  9. Leftovers… Eat them yes or no?
  10. Walking speed… Who walks faster or who slows down?
  11. Where to spend the holidays
  12. Eating ice cream or drinking out of the container vs. bowl?
  13. Answering Emails at night?
  14. Whose alarm goes off earlier? Snooze it forever?
  15. Wet towels on the bed?
  16. Posting imperfect photos on social media?
  17. Driving… nuf said!
  18. Correct way to load dishwasher
  19. Over or under?
  20. Leaving open cabinet doors (Al closes them – Michelle leaves them open LOL)