The Chore You Hate Most

What’s the one hate choreschore you just despise?

J.R. writes… There’s nothing that will set my wife off quicker than coming home from work to a mountain range of dishes piled up in the sink. She despises washing sippy cups and dried out Tupperware cause it is tedious. Honestly I don’t mind hand washing dishes.  For me it’s bathing my toddlers cause they ALWAYS get me soaked!

Kingdom Husband Part 2

Kingdom Husband Part 2 (Dr. Tony Evans)

  1. You cannot be a savior without carrying a cross… Jesus is the example of how a husband should love his wife even unto death.
  2.  Jacob worked 14 years to earn Rachel hand in marriage – he had to prove it – work for up – demonstrate it.  Your wife will respond to your demonstrations more than your words.
  3. Sometimes in baseball sometimes the batter wants to hit a home run but the 3rd base coach says he has to bunt – he has to sacrifice his desires to his authority to advance the good of another
  4. Jesus is a full time savior – He expects you to love your wife full-time
  5. When you are dating there are a lot of times that the woman is not sure of the man but he kicks it into high gear and swoons her – she is then responds that is how she is programmed to respond – treat your wife as good as you did when you were dating and she will respond like she did when you were dating