The Voice to Ignore

Lysa TerKeurst says, Here’s a cheat sheet of how Satan whispers:

  • If only you were…
  • People think you’re so…
  • Why can’t you just…
  • You’re too much.
  • You’re not enough.

Don’t help him get you into a state of defeat by believing & repeating his scripts. God knows you completely & loves you fully!

It All Ends

The Same Red Flags You Ignore in the Beginning will often Be the Same Reason it all ENDS.tobymac #SPEAKLIFE

A new friendship, even a new job can have a lot of challenges. Everyone and everything has it’s own quirks. But a major red flag is  finding yourself compromising on your feelings or uncomfortable because of your convictions.

Key: Do not ignore the Red Flags if they persist.

Advice from my Doctor…

East Texas Number ONE in sick people.
A Doctor in East Texas said, “People are “NOT” STAYING HOME, if they are sick!”
It’s Common Sense but some people “Forget or Ignore it!”
(See map below, click more.)
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