Super Commuters on Rise

The number of “super commuters” is on the rise in America.

Super commuters are people who drive at least 90 minutes each way to work, including Newton, Jasper, Polk, Trinity, Walker, Angelina, Nacogdoches, Liberty, Montgomery, and many more

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Disaster Areas Declared

flood_Dis_areaGovernor declares state of disaster in a number of local counties due to flooding
(AUSTIN) — As flooding continues to impact parts of East and Southeast Texas, Governor Greg Abbott today declared a state of disaster in the following counties: Angelina, Erath, Gregg, Hardin, Harrison, Hood, Jasper, Jefferson, Liberty, Madison, Marion, Newton, Orange, Parker, Sabine, San Augustine, and Tyler. The Governor also elevated the activation level of the State Operations Center (SOC) in Austin, and is urging Texans to stay on high alert and immediately heed any warnings from their local officials related to this severe flood threat.

“Flooding resulting from historic rainfall in East Texas is having a significant impact on residents,” said Governor Abbott. “The State of Texas continues to do everything it can to assist all the counties affected by this severe weather, and my thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted. I want to thank the first responders for their quick response to this disaster and ask that residents heed the warnings of local officials, particularly concerning evacuation notices.”

To read Governor Abbott’s disaster declaration, click here.

Around the Watercooler with Good Friends

TV American Idolbannernew3American Idol last night had a few surprises:
Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez dismissed from `Idol’.
Michael Sarver still in!
Did you agree with the judges decisions? (Jasper Newsboy)

7 Time-Saving Tips: When it comes to “savings,” sometimes saving time is just as important as saving money. (

Girls pulling ahead in teen drinking: With spring break a week away, many Texas teens are planning a week of partying with one illegal party favor — alcohol. (Lufkin Daily)

cellphone-restrictedCell phones and Driving Restricted Soon: If you have a cell phone and drive a car then you’re probably guilty of talking on you mobile and driving at the same time, and some say it is a dangerous mix. (KLTV)

Want a great marriage? Here’s what the best ones have in common, … Continue reading

Watercooler Chat with Good Friends

Do well even in hard times: Money Advice from an Expert (

Yesterday was Barbie’s 50th Birthday: Happy Birthday Barbie! (

AI is back tonight with the Top 13: East Texans pulling for Michael Sarver (Jasper Newsboy)

Need to slim down fast, here are 5 tips from Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

  • Make sure one of your meals each day is raw vegetables.
  • Don’t drink anything c arbonated – it can bloat you
  • Drink a ton of water – then drink some more.  It’ll help keep you full and prevent you from retaining water.
  • Minimize carbs – no potatoes, rice or pasta
  • Walk for 20 minutes twice a day

Between the exercise, the vegetables and the water You’ll lose the weight in no time!

Happy Birthday General Manger, Dwyan Calvert! Other events that have happened on this day:

  1. On this day in 1964, Prince Edward, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth, was born.
  2. Today is National Healthy Office Day
  3. Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call on this date in 1896.
  4. Actor Chuck Norris, TV’s “Walker, Texas Ranger,” is 69 today
    The Salvation Army was created on this day in 1880.
  5. On this date in 1775 a company hired Daniel Boone to cut a road through the wilderness to the Kentucky River.

Good Friends around the Watercooler

Tune in tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:35 – for a special edition song from MercyMe

American Idol: How was Kendall?  Who did you vote for and why? 1-800-944-8443
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Trash to Treasure: Crafter Bev Sexton found a wealth of supplies at a Salvation Army warehouse bin auction. (DIY Network )

blue-charger-plate2* Decorative Plates
* Tin Pitcher
* ’50s-Style Basket Purse
* Picnic-Basket File Holder
* Decoupage Suitcase

More Scams Targeting the Unemployed: There are some things to watch out for and some simple steps to protect yourself. Why can’t criminals work as hard doing right? (KSHB TV)

‘Healthy’ Foods That Aren’t So Healthy (Fox News)

  1. Olive Oil
  2. Tuna sandwich
  3. Granola
  4. Some Organic food
  5. Lean Cuisine and Weight Watcher frozen entrees
  6. Protein bars
  7. Pretzels
  8. Muffins