Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day Giveaway

ANN – Mother’s Day winner for Friday (Last Winner)

Gifts include:

  • 3 piece set of jewelry from Barb’s Beads,
  • an AVON assortment from Rebecca Sosa/AVON store,
  • a hard copy of Stepping Stones II by Mark Gregston,
  • Prayers for Teens by Mark Gregston
  • a devotional cookbook by Haven Ministries


What to do to get a perfect Valentine Gift

perfectgiftstartshereThings You Could do that might be special

  • The Job of Planning Valentine’s Day – You know what’s a nice gift for the woman who makes your whole life run smoothly?  A vacation from planning.  Show her you care by making some reservations and booking a babysitter.  If you’re the planner in your family, then by all means do the opposite.
  • Jewelry – But be creative don’t just go for the average box jewelry you can get anywhere.
  • Massage or spa treatment
  • PAY ATTENTION – women mostly know you are paying attention it may be a little late but try paying attention to things she says she enjoys or likes make a mental note or write it down in your phone – nothing scores brownies points like remembering the littlest comment she made
  • Write a love note – tell her 14 things you love about her
  • Ask a her friends –When in doubt think about asking her best friend often they know something she has talked about before

Creative Solutions, Talk To Your Kids, Mood Boosting Foods, Smoke Free Business of the Month

Creative Idea: Put your jewelry on display using custom organizing solutions.  (Homemade Simple Newsletter)

Talk to Your Kids: Meaningful Conversations Boost Kids’ Language Skills (Health Day/Yahoo News)

Eat & Be Happy: 5 Foods that Boost Your Mood (Yahoo Health)

Hats off To Local Business: The Drug Free Business Partnership, a committee of The Coalition, is recognizing businesses that have made the choice to go smoke-free.  For May, Ray’s Drive-In Cafe was awarded a plaque for providing customers a healthy, smoke-free environment.  To nominate another business that has gone smoke-free, contact Jean East of The Coalition at (936)634-9308 or email

Hello, It’s Your Life… Chats Will Commence

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A: Hold Your Mouse Here For Answer

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