Find and Share Hope

Could you use some hope? Do you feel discouraged? Each of us have been there. At KSWP, KAVX and Good Friends Mornings we want to be there for you.

Jesus is there for all of us. If you’ve tried and tried to answer some of the hard questions and came up short. We would love to hear your thoughts.

We would love to pray for you!
We would love to be encouraging. And help you Find the Hope Christ provides. Go Here for the KSWP/KAVX Amen Prayer app.

KSWP at Low Power

If you are having trouble hearing KSWP it’s not your ears or your radio.  Yesterday a “tube” went out on the transmitter causing the station to go off the air for most of the day.  Engineers have put a RUSh delivery on the new TUBE and hope to have it installed later today.  Keep your station in your prayers and you can use the App on your smart device for a clear signal.

God Answers!

God Answers Prayers … To God be the Glory! Your Radio Stations will continue to spread the Gospel of Christ!

Thanks to the many donors who contributed to this effort. Fully Funding KSWP & KAVX radio stations in our semi annual event.