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Approximately 1 in 5 crashes in Texas involves distracted driving. Why so many? Texting and Driving. A state law banned texting and driving happened in 2017. Is it working? You decide.

TxDOT Executive Director James Bass. “One life lost is one too many and distracted driving is completely preventable. Our message is no longer just a public safety – it is to remind drivers of the law that now forbids such activity.
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Weight Loss Tips

The Good Friends Question of the Day: Most of us have tried and failed many times to loose weight many times – while the whole plan may not have worked – What is your best weight-loss advice or helpful hint?
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Weight Loss Tips:This subject is one that Michelle and I keep returning to…because…many of you talk about it and deal with it. Well you are not alone, there are answers. After the last week, we got a lot of response about weight loss. Teresa, has lost weight and kept it off…She sent us some tips that has helped her. Here are some great ideas.

  1. Build muscle: Building muscle is the key to reducing weight! You can’t build muscle if you don’t feed it, the secret to being slim is something no one tells….eat AT LEAST every 3 hours.
  2. Force the Bulge Out: Eat lean protein and green veggie. DO NOT eat ANY FORM of carb four hours before bed
  3. Stay Hydrated: fill yourself up with water to trick my body into thinking it’s full.
  4. Stop Eating Early: About 4 hours before bedtime
  5. Exercise: Go for a walk
  6. Protein: Have a whey protein drink after the Walk
  7. Weights: Lift some dumb bells or weights
  8. A Secret: Have a half a cup of jello before bed

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Pet Owners – Really, Easy Weight Loss Tips

Good Friends Question: If you own a pet, there is a 1 out of four (25%) chance that you have done this. What is it?
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Easy Weight Loss Tips: This website Michelle and I found says there are 11 Easy Ways to Burn More and Consume Less Calories. You don’t have to go on a crazy weight loss diet to shed a few pounds — try these deprivation-free methods instead.

  1. Limit your liquids to herbal tea and water only. Drinking even light juices or diet coke will still pack on pounds.
  2. Eat with chopsticks. “People who use chopsticks tend to eat way less and get fuller quicker
  3. Take your workout to work. The author of this article suggest things like a jump rope.
  4. Avoid low fat diets. Fat is your friend, it will help you burn calories because it satiates you … and it quells sugar and white flour cravings.  Find good-for-you fats in avocado, olive oil and fish.
  5. Do an activity that “involves your lymphatic system,” says Borden. Try running, jump rope, rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline). These activities are a “good way to boost your metabolism.
  6. For SIX more tips go to this link…(Total Beauty)

Are you a Foodie?, Real Answer Weight Loss

San Augustine approved by the governor for a fireworks ban – No fireworks for Angelina or San Augustine Counties

The Good Friends Question of the Day: Hi… My name is Michelle and I am a Foodie! (Foodie sounds better than Food Addict, Junkie, or Fanatic)
Hi, Michelle…I’m Al me too! What about you? Are you a foodie? What does that mean to you?
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What’s the Real Answer to weight loss? Try this quick test:

  1. Do you do aerobics for 45 minutes four days a week?
  2. Do you lift weights two other days each week?
  3. Have you stopped eating junk?
  4. Outside of your job, is there something you deeply care about?
  5. Do you have a life partner who really cares about you — or a bunch of good friends?

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