Texas Wins Now Plays for U.S. Championship

Texas Wins Now Plays for U.S. Championship

Texas Advances To WS US Championship Game
Bringing the “Thundering 13” towels to work today!

In my opinion KTRE-SPORTS had the best wrap-up of the Game, The Lufkin Little League All-Stars have taken a 14-4 win over Connecticut to advance to the US Championship of the Little League World Series.

The win sets up a rematch between Lufkin and North Carolina on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. CDT. NC won a tense 2-1 game over Lufkin on Wednesday.

Go Here for the full KTRE Sports Wrap-Up

KTRE Reports on “Superfan and Son”

KTRE Reports on “Superfan and Son”

I couldn’t pass on this story From KTRE…

Lufkin All-Star superfan and son overcome odds to attend LLWS
By Jeff Awtrey, Assignments Editor

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) – A Lufkin man and his son have each made it to the Little League World Series as spectators, but each have competed to get there in life and overcome the odds.

In 2008, Brent Slaton and his wife witnessed the birth of their son, Mack. Mack was born at 29 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy and weighed less than three pounds.

In 2014, Slaton learned he had contracted scleroderma, an extremely rare autoimmune disease which affects the body’s stem and organs.

In prior cases like these, there are times where neither father nor son would be alive today. But each is very much alive and living it up right now in Williamsport.

Slaton serves on the Lufkin Little League board and his son is friends with players on the team.

“When we went to the state game in Houston and we realized how we stacked up, we knew we had a chance to go to Williamsport,” Slaton said. “My son was very pumped and said, ‘if they win, we’re going.’ And I said ‘ok.'”

More on this story at this Link at KTRE.com

A Big East Texas Send Off

A Big East Texas Send Off

Friday Afternoon in downtown lufkin … the crowds lined the streets for a Big East Texas send-off for the Lufkin All-Stars!

Lufkin All the well wishers echoed throughout the parade, “We’re proud of you!” “The team is heading to Willamsport, PA after winning Wednesday in the Little League Southwest Regional Tournament. When ask how they feel? Many players said, “We’re still in shock that the community organized a parade for them.” And “Thanks plus, we got to stay focused.”

“I always wanted to be in a parade,” Lance Modisette said. “I love riding in a parade.” The team has been on a “whirlwind tour” since their win with tried to stay cool and focused through multiple public appearances and practice.

The All-Stars play the winner of the Great Lakes regional on Thursday at 6 p.m. on ESPN2. The Great Lakes region winner will be decided today (Saturday).

The team was also given a special ceremony where Lufkin Mayor Bob Brown read a special proclamation to the players declaring today as “Lufkin Little League All-Stars Day”.

Former Lufkin ISD Superintendent Roy Knight said. “It is pretty special for our community. Lufkin always rallies around the students and young athletes.”

BIG Send Off Friday Lufkin Little League All Stars

BIG Send Off Friday Lufkin Little League All Stars

Today, The City of Lufkin, The Lufkin Convention & Visitors Bureau and Fans have planned a big send off for the 2017 Lufkin Little League All Stars Team in Downtown Lufkin! Tara Watkins of the Bureau said, at 5:30pm the Team will ride in & on a Lufkin Fire Department truck through Downtown Lufkin.

The Parade will begin Downtown at Jennings Station and Conclude at the Convention Center Amphitheater. Major Bob Brown will give a Proclamation and recognize each Lufkin Little League All Star player.

The Teams first Game will occur on August 17, 2017 at 7pm in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania at the Little League World Series. The Lufkin All Stars will face the Winner of the Great Lekes Region Winner. The game will Air on ESPN2.