PGIF, Good Friends at the Watercooler

michaelsarver2Idol Last Tonight: Another of our favorites goes home. Vote predictors – where thy right? (Jasper Newsboy)

Michael Sarver: “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”: Michael Sarver said he wanted to “church it up” with his rendition of “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg,” but the judges missed his more tender vocals. Go here for the video. (American Idol)

Al & Michelle’s Thoughts: Sadness and pride for one of our hometown best… Micheal Sarver’s time in LA has come to an end… WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU MICHAEL AND ALL YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED! You will have a great music career if you want it! We are so proud of YOU!

Idol on tour: What are Top 10 finalists planning to do (Lufkin Daily)

0223terWhat’s Family Friendly at the Box Office this weekend: Get your reviews here (Plugged In – Focus on the Family)
>> Get the audio here of Bob Waliszewski for the featured Movie on this week’s Movie reviews!

Green thumbs up: Angelina County Master Gardener Association helping to show thrifty planters how to garden on a budget (Lufkin Daily)

rodeoLet’s Rodeo! Lions Club kicks off annual rodeo plans (Lufkin Daily)


Rare Esophageal Cancer Hides in Common Symptoms: The Cancer Could Be Deadly but a Simple Test Can Catch It Quickly (ABC News)

Good Friends Watercooler Chats

NN_27obama2No Idol tonight: Delayed for the President’s speech. Watch tomorrow! (Jasper Newsboy)

Slow in school zone: Traffic flow around Lufkin High School changes due to construction (Lufkin Daily)

Wal-mart text message is hoax (KTRE TV)

redmeatStudy: Red Meat Diet Contributes To Early Death – A large federal study offers powerful new evidence that a diet that regularly includes steaks, burgers and pork chops is hazardous to your health. (The Washington Post)

17-Year-Olds May Now Get Plan B Pill: A judge says the FDA let politics cloud its judgment when it denied teenage girls over-the-counter access to the Plan B morning-after pill.(FOX NEWS)

Good Friends Chatting @ the Watercooler


Last night on Idol: Who’s going home? Will Michael stay? Will all the Christians stay? (Jasper Newsboy)

‘American Idol’ launching trading card line (Yahoo News)

metabolism-boost5 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism: Want to speed up your metabolism?  Here’s how! (CNN-Cooking Light)

‘Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop’ (ABC News)

bat-on-the-shuttleSpace Shuttle Stowaway?! [Picture Proof!] There he is, crouching on the external fuel tank at Sunday’s lift-off! Click here to view the slideshow. (The Denver Channel)

Money better spent: Things you can buy for $170 billion (Huffington Post)

Texting Hurts Brain Power: Would you knowingly hurt your grades, decrease your brain power, and put your friendships at risk? Well, turns out you’re doing it dozens of times a day. How? By … Continue reading

Around the Watercooler with Good Friends

TV American Idolbannernew3American Idol last night had a few surprises:
Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez dismissed from `Idol’.
Michael Sarver still in!
Did you agree with the judges decisions? (Jasper Newsboy)

7 Time-Saving Tips: When it comes to “savings,” sometimes saving time is just as important as saving money. (

Girls pulling ahead in teen drinking: With spring break a week away, many Texas teens are planning a week of partying with one illegal party favor — alcohol. (Lufkin Daily)

cellphone-restrictedCell phones and Driving Restricted Soon: If you have a cell phone and drive a car then you’re probably guilty of talking on you mobile and driving at the same time, and some say it is a dangerous mix. (KLTV)

Want a great marriage? Here’s what the best ones have in common, … Continue reading

Good Friends Watercooler Chats

American Idol Round one over… Show producers have promised surprises: But our source revealed what is was on Tuesday… Two eliminations tonight. East Texans pulling for Michael Sarver (Jasper Newsboy)
bannernew3‘Idol’ Finalists Should Avoid These Songs: See which songs experts say should not be performed by “American Idol” finalists. (FOX NEWS)

dove-awards-logoYour vote counts: Your favorite Christian artist needs your support (

America Is Becoming Less Christian, Less Religious: American Religious Identification Survey Finds Major Denominations Losing Members (ABC News)

Pollen levels in East Texas aggravating allergies: Ways you can survive the “yellow” stuff (Lufkin Daily News)
Control of your financial future: Budgeting in Six Easy Steps

Maytag recalls 1.6 million refrigerators: Authorities say the refrigerators could cause a potentially serious fire hazard, after receiving dozens of customer reports that part of the appliance ignited. (CNN Money)