Me Five Minutes Later

(via Amy Weatherly)
Me first thing in the morning: Good morning, baby. How did you sleep? Did you have the sweetest dreams? Gosh, I love you so much. … (Me ten minutes later)
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Email, it’s worth it… Wrong

From the Hamster Revolution

Email? It’s free. No stamps!” smirked Harold. “We’ll see,” I replied. “How much time do you spend on email each year?” Harold shook his head, “I have no idea. I guess I get about 50 a day and I probably hit the Send button about 25 times.”

I slid a calculator across my desk. “So you send and receive a total of 75 emails per day. Let’s calculate your annual email volume: Multiply your 75 daily emails by 240, which is the number of work days per year. What do you get?”
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Every Single Day

Every Single Day

Parenting is a delicate balance of convincing your child they can do anything in life,

Simultaneously screaming “Don’t do that!” every three minutes.

You can help your child improve this executive function by building some working memory boosters into his daily life.
  • Work on visualization skills. …
  • Have your child teach you. …
  • Suggest games that use visual memory. …
  • Play cards. …
  • Encourage active reading. …
  • Chunk information into smaller bites. …
  • Make it multisensory.