Not Saying Anything

Sometimes not saying anything is the Best Answer. 

You see, Silence can Never Be Misquoted.

The fruit of Silence is prayer.The fruit of Prayer is faith.The fruit of Faith is love.The fruit of Love is service.The fruit of Service is peace. ~ Mother Teresa
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Never Lose Hope

Never Lose Hope

Never Lose Hope. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

None of us are immune from falling into difficult times. That plight is something we all have in common. Another thing we all have in common is the ability to choose how we are going to react to the difficult times when they come. Will we allow them to destroy our hope for the future or will we decide to view them as a learning experience meant to help us as we continue to move forward with hope that the best is yet to come.
Amy Rees Anderson, Forbes

A Real yet Loving God

A Real yet Loving God

God Never Uses Anyone Greatly Until He Tests Them Deeply. ~ A. W. Tozer

Maybe you feel like this, if significant suffering is what is required to be used significantly by God, some people think maybe I would rather not be used. The truth is, we want our grand abilities and keen insights to make us usable to God, not our broken hearts and crippling weaknesses.

A.W. Tozer, included in his book, The Root of the Righteous where he wrote, “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until he has hurt him deeply.” Living in this broken world, few of us have to look for it. It finds us.

Which is when we have the choice, we see God being unkind or uncaring toward us, we see in our suffering the loving hand of God preparing us for usefulness in this world, and purifying us for an eternity in his presence? To which we find we’re able to connect to a real and loving God.

[portions are excepts from varies articles from A.W.Tozer and Nancy Guthrie]

Never to Important to Be

Never to Important to Be

You’re Never too Important to be Nice to People.

So true. Gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ears. Because it is never repeated by a wise person.

Always ask:

  • Is what you’re hearing true;
  • Does it hold any goodness and
  • Is it useful to your life?