Natalie Grants in the Hospital

Hey everyone – it’s Bernie, Natalie’s husband. She is awake and her surgeon said everything went perfectly. Hallelujah! God is faithful and kind. Thx for your prayers.
We are so grateful for your love and support. We will update with news as we receive it.

Running from God?

Running from God?

Running from God? Been there, bought the t/shirt!

“Jonah went 2500 miles out the way running from God. Talk about a wrong turn! The good news? God gives a second chance to turn around.” ~ Kurt Wallace

You would think a life-threatening sea storm and a few days in a fish’s belly would shake some sense into a person. Yet that wasn’t the case with Jonah. The final paragraphs of his story reveal a vengeful prophet who obeyed the Lord but allowed his heart to remain on the run.

Jonah paid a big price for running from God. Perhaps you have a habit, a plan, or a current course and you know it defies God’s will. Have you considered the cost?

There are consequences for wrongdoing. The Lord is holy and righteous, and allowing people to get away with sin is simply incompatible God’s plan for you. What’s more, the price for following your own will is high.

(Excerpt from InTouch heard daily at 9:06am and 8:06pm on 91.9 KAVX.)

Christmas Good News Stories Day One

img_1001Sometimes the holidays can seem a little thankless, but there are good people out there doing amazing things this Christmas. Comment or call – Do you know a story where someone has done amazing things for others this Christmas? 800-944-8443

Monday Day OneTerminally Ill Girl from Utah Gets a Christmas Surprise

Six-year-old Addie has a rare un-diagnosed condition that has meant she hasn’t grown much since she was three, and means that her brain is slowly atrophying. She likely has less than one year to live.

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Sharathon Success

Sharathon Success

As many of you already know, Thursday at about 6:45 pm, Sharathon ended with Success. Over $122,000 raise in three days.

Every year, a very special event comes around whereby listeners and generous donors help to meet the station’s financial goals. This three-day fund-raising event is called Sharathon which I’ve been a part of – ever since I started with the team back in 1997 (Al).

The Sharathon 2012 goal was $130,000 and thanks to over 422 generous KSWP/KAVX listeners we raised over $122,000. Thank you so much for your financial contributions to keep listener-supported KSWP/KAVX on the air for another year.

The goals ensure the continuation of the ministry and all that it offers for the next year. Great news…goals were almost met, less than $6000 is left. When such a small amount is unmet,usually within a week, more generous donors make up the deficit.

A huge thanks to those who helped guarantee that lives would be positively affected through the “Bring Love to Life” campaign.

Most of all we lift up God who makes all of this possible. He has stirred our hearts and you responded! Over $79,000 was raised on the last day, a new record for a one day period! To God Be the Glory!

If you missed anything throughout the week, make sure you watch our recap video which will soon be on the webpage, facebook and blogs.

Thanks again for your support!

Long Range Purpose, Fill in blank, Save Time in Your Day

Power Thoughts

  • “Long range purposes keep you from being frustrated by short term failures.”
  • “The best way to solve your own problem is to help someone else solve theirs.”
  • “The person who looks up to God rarely looks down on people.”

Facebook Question: How would you fill in the blank? Today, I praise God for His __________?

Recall, 800,000 Dorel Child Car Seats: The recall is due to a faulty button for locking and releasing the harness. (Yahoo! News-AFP)

Time Out! You have the same 24 hours in a day and yet, it often feels like it’s not enough time. With busy schedules and a fast- paced life, many of us would love to have even just a few extra minutes in our day. The good news is that you can reclaim a few minutes just by making minor adjustments to your daily tasks.

  1. Subtract Steps. Carry all of your cleaning supplies in a bucket rather than walking back and forth to the cleaning supply area. Fold clothes as you take them out of the dryer. Unload groceries directly into the pantry or fridge, don’t put them on the counter first.
  2. Make Standard Lists… for anything that you rewrite often. This would include grocery lists, instructions for – babysitter, house or pet sitter, etc.
  3. Group Like Tasks. Return phone calls and schedule appointments before moving to another task. Run all your errands at the same time and plan your route… saves time & gas money.
  4. Put It Away, Now. Whenever you’re finished using something, put it away. This will also save you time when you need to find something.
  5. Get Things Ready the Night Before. Mornings can be hectic so, prepare lunches, schoolbags, briefcases and plan breakfast.
  6. To Do list before going to bed. Your morning will be less stressful and everyone should be able to be a little bit more self-sufficient and organized.
  7. Watch Recorded TV. If you can, skip watching TV all together. If you must watch TV, DVR or Tivo your favorite shows and watch them after they’ve started… saves time.