Ask Yourself This Question?

Do you think you would be a good rich person or do you fear you’d become something you are not based on your past tendancies?
Love this story… a reminder Alfred Morris set for himself. Dallas Cowboys Player with $3.5 Million Contract Insists on Driving Car He Bought for $2. For Dallas Cowboys running back Alfred Morris, older is better.

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One More Thought!

One more thought before the NFL Super Bowl XLVII – 2013 fades into a fleeting memory.

The truth is, we all won on Super Bowl Sunday with a day full of a good ole American past time, regardless of the teams playing.

Football is well loved by women and men everywhere, whether it’s by sitting on cold bleachers during a school game or yelling at the television when their team does something memorable.

The two coaches are brothers in case you didn’t know it.

Brother against brother? Perhaps but they both have to go home and think about the other afterwards, and somewhere in that thought process these coaches will remember a time when they as little kids threw the ball back and forth between themselves.

So, maybe this is the day the motivation from Sunday has a few families tossing the old pig skin back and forth, or cheering on a family member during another life changing event; a birth, a move, a new job, a graduation. There are plenty of touchdowns waiting to happen.

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Power Thoughts

  1. “It’s easy enough to be pleasant when everything goes like a song, but the person worthwhile is the one who can smile when everything is going wrong.”
  2. “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes” life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine
  3. “Two things stand like stone: Kindness in another’s trouble and courage in your own.” – Adam Lindsay Gordon

Gifts are always wonderful to give. They are even better when we get them. God’s gift of forgiveness allows us to walk freely knowing that he has taken care of our sins.

“But there is a great difference between Adam’s sin and God’s gracious gift. For the sin of this one man, Adam, brought death to many. But even greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of forgiveness to many through this other man, Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:15 NLT

Praise God an Another Love Out Loud event! The Manager Network is going forward with a great deal of excitement. Urgent Doc donated OVER $13,000.00. Manger Network has partnered with Toys for Tots. The Campbell Group has adopted 100 teens and others have donated additional amounts for a Grand total over $20,000. Today from 7am until 9am we will SHOP and buy toys for over 1000 kids. What a blessing to show the invisible love of God in a visible way.

Keith Fitzhugh Turns Down NFL Dream for Railroad Reality: Keith Fitzhugh just gave up his shot at the NFL to work on the railroad. 24-year-old Fitzhugh, who dreamed of an NFL career as a boy, had a chance to sign with the New York Jets as a free-agent safety. Instead he opted for the stability of his job as a train conductor on the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Fitzhugh said it’s more important to support his struggling parents than to gamble on a chance at a Super Bowl ring. He lives in his parents’ home in Georgia, where his father is disabled and can’t work. The family depends on their son’s railroad salary to make ends meet. “People say I may have had a chance to play in the Super Bowl, and I sit there and think, and I tell them — hey, you only got one mom and dad!”

“I had to turn them down, ’cause I had a great job,” he said. “It’s about being a young man and not being selfish… I could have been released again, and that was a chance I was not going to take.” Fitzhugh started on the railroad after the Jets released him this past September, trading his football helmet for a conductor’s cap. It’s a job that offers him a regular paycheck, benefits, and the promise of long-term employment. “I love riding the train. That has always been the backup plan for me,” Fitzhugh said.  Today, even the Jets said that Fitzhugh’s decision showed character. “That’s one of the reasons why we wanted that kid,” said Rex Ryan, the Jets’ head coach.   (ABC News)

Creative for Christmas: Quick and inexpensive holiday gifts or decorations (ACF)

  • Plastic Grocery Bag Wreath: This is a great way to turn a simple plastic grocery sack into beautiful piece of holiday decor.
    Materials: 1 metal hanger & 30 to 50 white plastic grocery bags
  • Shoe Bags: Use fabric remnants and help those who travel regularly to keep their clothes neat and clean. You can adjust the size to fit men’s, women’s or children’s shoes.
  • Materials: Four rectangles of material – 10 inches x 18 inches or two larger pieces if you have them, Thread, Ribbon or old shoelaces for the drawstring
  • Pinecone Fire-starters: A perfect gift for friends with fireplaces or as a pretty holiday decoration.
  • Materials: pine cones, old crayons or unusable candles, smell good essital oils,food coloring and a decorator tin or basket and wrap for gift giving
  • Annette’s Christmas Pumpkin Bread (can be made for a $1 a loaf)
  • Dough Ornaments: These are extremely easy to make and a great craft for younger kids to help with.
  • Materials: Flour, salt, powered Alum, water and ribbon
  • Home made wrapping paper: We use an old roll of kraft paper we bought about 25 years ago. We’ve used it for making banners, tracing outlines of the kids when they were little, and every Christmas we sponge paint different holiday shapes on the paper and blank gift bags to make wrapping paper. It’s a fun and inexpensive activity for the kids and makes beautiful packages for pennies. Trace a cookie cutter shape onto an inexpensive sponge, cut with a matt knife and hot glue to a scrap piece of wood. Use tempera paints or old latex house paints colored with food coloring and you’re set to go.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – How did it do at the box office?  (Yahoo Box Office) Our movie expert Bob Waliszewski, with Plugged In Online, roars about the latest film version of a C.S. Lewis book. Read the review at this link and hear the review by clicking on the arrow.

The Day After Super Bowl 43 – Your World Observations

Super Bowl 43: Game Highlights & favorite commercials (

Date Night Ideas: Great ways to carve out time with one another. (

Christian Contemporary Radio Stations Continue Steady Growth: The CCRS format is the second most popular music format following Country radio, which has lost more than 350 stations since 1998. (Christian Post)