Many People Eat the Same Meal Every Day

“Variety doesn’t really matter to me. I would be perfectly happy to eat the same Caesar salad or peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich every day.”

Who is strange? The person who eats the same thing everyday or the variety seeker? The Atlantic reports says most people basically eat the same lunch all the time. Are you normal?

Vern Loomis, a retired structural draftsman, had a standard office lunch: a peanut-butter sandwich, with various fruit, vegetable, and dessert accompaniments. He ate this, he estimates, nearly every workday for about 25 years.

Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition & the author of several books about nutrition and the food industry, says the consequences of eating the same lunch every day depend on the contents of that lunch and of the day’s other meals. “If your daily lunch contains a variety of healthful foods,” she says, “relax and enjoy it.”

Top 10 Healthy Recipes for Kids

This is a great Website “Taste of Home”. Looking for healthy recipes for kids? Try one of their favorite recipes that kids will love and that are good for them, too!

Apple Cartwheels Apple Cartwheels

These are soooo good! I love the chocolate with the peanut butter and apple! Yummy!
—Gracie’s Mommy