We are thrilled to bring POPOVICH COMEDY PET THEATER to the Temple Theater on January 5th, 2020.

This is a fabulous event, worthy of Angelina Arts Alliance Discovery Series! It is also because we are able to partner with three Lufkin Angelina County animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Won’t you join us to help make a difference. Please help spread the word!

Simply … Priceless!

There is absolutely nothing in the world heartwarming, precious and has the ability to bring a smile to a face than watching the innocent love and joy of a child and their pet. Just look at the enjoyment, contentment, and adoration of this little girl.

One of our best sources for touching Stories… Good Time Stories – Inspiring and Heartwarming Stories

Dogs and God

So many choices…

  • I learned about Jesus from our dogs.
  • They constantly forgive me.
  • They treat me no different no matter how I treated them.

Share your pet stories.

Pet Behavior

  • Forget Multitasking:When dogs have a job to do, they give it their undivided attention. It turns out people should probably do the same. Stanford researchers found that attention and memory suffer in those who juggle work, email, and web-surfing, compared to those who focus on one task at a time. Other studies suggest employees actually lose time when multitasking.
  • Take Naps: You won’t catch your pet going from dawn to dusk without any shut-eye.  There’s good evidence humans can benefit from catnaps, too. A study involving about 24,000 people indicates regular nappers are 37% less likely to die from heart disease than people who nap only occasionally. Short naps can also enhance alertness and job performance.
  • Cultivate Friendships: People are social animals, and friendships have measurable health benefits. Researchers in Australia followed 1,500 older people for 10 years. Those with the most friends were 22% less likely to die than those with the fewest friends.

MORE from WebMD

First Pet’s Name…Special Why?

The Good Friends Question of the Day:  What was your first pet’s name and why were they so special?  Please Like Comment & Share! – or call 1-800-944-8443!

Here are a few tricks to help to prepare your pad for pets.

  1. Curtain call. Be sure your windows are properly draped with materials that deter cats (animals) from using them as a scratching post, repel pet fur and dander and aren’t hazardous.
  2. Plant perils. A number of plants found in your landscaping may be pleasing to the eye, but can be harmful to your pet.
  3. Sit, stay. Obedience training is a must for new dogs with no manners and old dogs with bad habits.
  4. Fenced in. No matter how much outdoor space you have, protecting your pets by fencing your yard is a smart move.
  5. Chemical ills. Household cleaning supplies and chemicals need to be out of reach, both in the home and the garage for pets and children.
  6. No room to run? Busy schedules and cramped quarters can leave any pup feeling antsy. [dog (pet) walker]
  7. Stain pain. No one is immune to accidents and a stain’s a stain regardless whether it comes from a furry four-legged friend or a clumsy two-legged one.

(Credit – this is from wptv)