Pray for Rescuers & How Can We Pray for You?

Pray for Rescuers & How Can We Pray for You?

Where are you? Are you safe ? How can we pray for you or your family? Choose the Option You need below…

Also please Pray for all the State Troopers, First Responders, Emergency Teams, Medical Teams, Rescuers, any one who is helping from Houston to Corpus Christi area to East Texas to San Antonio, Etc…
Pray for safety, limited loss of life, wisdom for rescues, and God to Intervene in this disasterous situation and Calm the Storm and it’s after effects.

Praise Celebration Continues

PrayerWorksLogoLeg Heal, Than You God: My sister-in-law told me this story last night. She had a cyst in her leg, and had been putting off going back for a follow-up x-ray for fear of learning that she would need to have surgery. We have been praying that the cyst would resolve on its own, and that the hole in her bone would be replaced by bone tissue. AND IT HAS! There is no sign of the cyst—just a perfect leg, as God intended. God, thank You! And all of you who have prayed for her.

No heart problems found! I want to give thanks that my sister was checked for chest pains and they found no heart problems just fluid build up from a cold and virus. Praying God’s continued glory on my family!