Prayers for America’s Unborn

Kayla Koslosky |

Many of you and others are talking about this. Many praying about this. Let’s lift up Prayers today for the Future of America’s Unborn:

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If you or someone you know has children under the age of 3 please call the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin to reserve your spot for Diaper Days of Fall.

Free diapers and other baby supplies will be available. Please share!!!
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Flu Shot…Why or Why not?

Have you ever gotten the seasonal influenza vaccine?

Michelle and I have, once or twice, received a flu shot. Haven’t decided whether to get one or not. I’ve seen and heard stories of people getting the shot and then getting sick. But…

The CDC recommends that pregnant women, young kids, and elderly folks should receive the influenza vaccine. Basically anyone with a weak immune system.…..ts/ID00017

Share your thoughts on why or why not… Call the radio station 800-944-8443. Michelle and I would love to know your thoughts…and have you join the conversation. Or make a comment below…

Feeding Your Body, Natalie Grant, Kids’ fly alone, Jackie Evancho

Feeding Your Body: When you decide to work on an area of your life, it can be a real challenge to improve. While God created food for nourishment and eating to be a pleasurable experience, it was not meant to be abused. Overeating and refusing to use restraint in the type and quantity of foods you eat is gluttony, and it is sin. (Proverbs 23:21). This is not an easy subject to talk about. It hard to hear and to overcome.
Lacking restraint in eating is an easy area in which to become neglectful. People use food to deal with all kinds of issues, including depression and emotional despair. Besides emotional eating, some people simply overeat because they have made a habit of it.
The Good News is there is a way out. First, you’ll have to renew your mind by looking at food differently.
Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

Power Thoughts

  1. “All those who have achieved great things have been grat dreamers.”- Orison Swett Marden
  2. “The most important ingredient in the formula for success is knowing how to get along with people”- Theodore Roosevelt
  3. “Faith is reason courageous.” – Sherwood Eddy

Natalie Grant On “Rockin’ Flats” During Second Pregnancy: Christian rocker Natalie Grant and her husband/producer Bernie Herms are expecting their third child on Christmas Day. The four-time GMA Female Vocalist of the Year is set to release her eighth album, Love Revolution, on August 24.
CBS: Is it true your due date is Christmas Day? Do you feel it’s a double-blessing to have this special due date? Go Here… (CBS)

A mom and dad’s nightmare: their kids’ buy plane tickets, fly alone. What would you do? You get a call for your children and they are in Tennessee. You see the three (3) Florida children bought tickets with baby-sitting money and flew to Nashville, Tenn., on Southwest Airlines – unbeknown-st to their parents. (The Associated Press)

All that Michelle and I could say is “Wow! Where does that voice come from? The answer 10 years-old Jackie Evancho! Of course we have to add – from God! (August 10, 2010-America’s Got Talent)