Prayers for America’s Unborn

Kayla Koslosky |

Many of you and others are talking about this. Many praying about this. Let’s lift up Prayers today for the Future of America’s Unborn:

News Stories in the News.

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If you or someone you know has children under the age of 3 please call the Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin to reserve your spot for Diaper Days of Fall.

Free diapers and other baby supplies will be available. Please share!!!
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Flu Shot…Why or Why not?

Have you ever gotten the seasonal influenza vaccine?

Michelle and I have, once or twice, received a flu shot. Haven’t decided whether to get one or not. I’ve seen and heard stories of people getting the shot and then getting sick. But…

The CDC recommends that pregnant women, young kids, and elderly folks should receive the influenza vaccine. Basically anyone with a weak immune system.…..ts/ID00017

Share your thoughts on why or why not… Call the radio station 800-944-8443. Michelle and I would love to know your thoughts…and have you join the conversation. Or make a comment below…