A Brand New Start

A Brand New Start

Although No One can go back and Make a Brand New Start, Anyone can start from now and Make a Brand New Ending.

It’s a new day. Be sure you’re prepared for anything coming your way. Take 4 seconds and pause to understand what is happening to you right now in this moment.

Give yourself the four (4) seconds, observe and discover your options. You’ll be surprised at what brilliance will spring out of your brain matter.

Easy Tips to Stick to a Budget during Financial Planning Month


“It may feel like work now, but feeling financially secure will offer you peace of mind.”

It’s Financial Planning Month… You may wish to consider some of the following easy tips to stay on budget. It can be easy to let your finances fall by the wayside when juggling work, family, school and other priorities.

October is Financial Planning Month and a perfect time to make sure you are prepared for the future.

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Make the Transition Easier for Your Family

back to schoolPut bedtime battles to rest now. Put your children to bed 10 minutes earlier gradually till you get to the desired bedtime —
that way the switch won’t be such a shock.

Shop your closets before hitting the stores. You never know what you might find. There may be barely used or new school supplies, forgotten clothes, or an older backpack that’s suddenly trendy again.

Run inside and play. This year, when you get home from work and school, make it a point to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes connecting as a family: play a game, take a walk, snuggle on the couch. This simple idea can do wonders to reduce whining, sibling rivalry and marital strife.

School Tips – Prepare and Follow-up

school-tipsHere are tips for your child’s first day of school… Gathered from several sources including the experience of six kids, who made it through school:

1. Help your child be familiar with what to expect – classroom, teacher, etc.
2. Talk about positive aspects – help your child look forward with excitement, and take away the “unknown.”
3. Be prepared ahead of time – lay out clothes, backpack, and breakfast. *Don’t have a rushed morning.
4. Know what they’re learning, and help them apply it to their world. Show them that learning is for everyone (including you) for all of life.
5. Get involved – attend open houses and know the calendar.

Test Anxiety? How can you encourage your child?

Text Anxiety Chalk DrawingTest Anxiety? How can you encourage your child?

You might be reading this article and saying, “Hey, that sounds just like me!” If so, we’re glad you recognize that this happens to you. Now you can start taking steps to lessen your test anxiety. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Ask for help. Describe what happens to you when you’re taking a test and these people can help you figure out some solutions.
  • Be prepared. Pay attention in class. Do your homework. Study for the test. On test day, you’re more likely to feel like you know the material.
  • Expect the best. Once you have prepared, think positively. Say to yourself, “I studied and I’m ready to do my best.”
  • Block bad thoughts. These thoughts can make anxiety worse and make it harder for you to do well on the test.
  • Accept mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Be more forgiving of your own mistakes, especially if you prepared for the test and are set to do your best.
  • Take care of yourself. You’ll feel your best if you get enough playtime, sleep, and nutritious food. This is important all the time, but be extra-sure you get all three the day before a test.
  • Breathe better. Breathing exercises can help calm you down? Here’s how to do it: Inhale (breathe in) slowly and deeply through your nose, and then exhale (breathe out) slowly through your mouth. Do this two to four times and you just might breathe easier the next time you’re taking a test!