National Preparedness Month: 3 Tips to Get Your Family Ready

From “Texas Forest Country Living”

While most people don’t like to think about worst case scenarios, giving them their proper consideration can ultimately offer peace of mind.

September is National Preparedness Month and it is a great time to get your home and family ready for a range of emergencies. Here are three steps to take.

  1. Stock Up
  2. Freedom from your Phone
  3. Get Insured

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72 Hour Survival Kit for Under $11

72hrkitmenu menu 72hrkitbreakdowncost72 Hour Survival Kit for Under $11

Here’s what I was looking for:

  • Food that wasn’t dependent on water or heat to prepare.
  • Pop top cans no can opener needed.
  • Something that totaled less than $15.
  • Something my family and I would actually eat.
  • Items that wouldn’t expire for at least a year.
  • Something compact and easy to grab in an emergency.

Here’s the Cost Breakdown:  I added gas in there for compensation since I’ll be driving all over town to pick up supplies.  Plus, it helps round things up nicely.  I have to add that I’ve lucked out this month for cost.  Lot of items that I got at Costco are on sale right now, like the Snack Pak’s, Fruit Snacks etc.  So if you catch this in time, you’ll get a great deal like me.  Otherwise, it’ll be a tad more once they’re gone.

Most would say this is not enough water.  I agree.  But I also know that there should be another source of water in your Emergency items.  This is purely for quick escapes and you don’t want to be hauling gallons of water per person!

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Disasters bring out the Best

Hurricane Sandy, and the recent series of earthquakes of the British Columbia coast, are more reminders that we are vulnerable to nature,

You have probably been affected by a severe storm or Hurricane like Sandy, sometime in your lifetime. Some of you may have lived in an affected area, or have people you care about in the area. Maybe, it brings to mind a natural disaster you’ve had to go through.

Seeing all of the coverage of Hurricane Sandy brought to mind the most intense natural disaster I’ve ever been through…the 100 year flood in Houston in 2000. My son Aaron was on one the Disaster rescue team. That team was just one of hundreds in Houston to help people.

The Space Shuttle Columbia crash in East Texas. Hard to explain until you experience something like this or some it brings about weird fears and thoughts during these times.

Despite the fear, natural disasters do bring out the best in people you know and don’t know. A week away from election day, the Government has been handed a disaster on a scale that can define a heroism. The sheer size of the area devastated by Hurricane Sandy — stretching up the eastern seaboard of North America through the most densely populated states in the union – is staggering.

If this has happened to you would call in and share about natural disasters they’ve been through and how people stepped in to help.